Conor vs Diaz 1 Full Fight

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Robbie Hart

I apparently look like a Jewish accountant
Feb 13, 2015
Greatest fight ever from press conference to walkout to post fight speech

no one knows who Diaz fans are, they’re like a hidden group but they were screaming at Conor when he was at the end of his walk in to the prep point

watch Conor give the double middle fingers to people in the crowd
Also watch how Diaz doesn’t do the typical hugging with his corner guys when he’s waiting to get Vaseline out on and the guy whispers in his ear and Nate just turns around and bumps fists with everyone, no bullshit hugging

Nate earned my respect throughout the whole thing....he is exactly what he says and does, no bullshit

I think he wore the hood over his head on the walkout because he was expecting to get stuff thrown on him....that’s my feeling, not confirmed

Nate is what I would like to see in a fighter