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"Gustafsson, Bader, Manuwa and Latifi don’t have fights lined up. I’d love to rematch Bader, because he’s a great fighter and he’s not afraid of anyone. If not those guys, how about Josh Barnett or Travis Browne? I know those guys in the heavyweight division aren’t afraid to throw down."

Ovince Saint Preux challenges UFC to get him a fight, believes light heavyweights are scared of him


I like OSP, he pretty much called out everybody from Bader to Travis Browne.

Ex-UFC star Mayhem Miller was arrested again -- this time for vandalizing a tattoo shop -- and officials have set his bail at a whopping $1 MILLION ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Miller -- who's previously been arrested...

"I think that DC definitely can [win]," he told Ariel Helwani during an interview on The MMA Hour. "He definitely can. You know, DC, he seems different this time around. He seems different this time mentally speaking. Honestly speaking, this is a fight that DC…he has to win. Like, if DC doesn’t win this fight, there really — he would have to retire if he doesn’t win this fight."

Still, though Evans thinks Cormier can beat Jones the second time around, he believes that a second loss against "Bones" would signal the end.

"It’s like, what does he do then?" Evans said. "Does he try to face Jon again for the third time? Once you take away a man’s desire to be the best -- or he knows that he can’t be the best -- then in a sense, you just kill that man off. So if he loses this fight, Jon would have killed him off. There’s no reason. The competitive grind would be gone."

LINK: Rashad Evans: If Daniel Cormier doesn’t win rematch with Jon Jones, ‘he would have to retire’

"Frankie Edgar is a way easier sell," Rogan said Tuesday on his podcast. "Maybe if Aldo comes back and wins in spectacular...

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6b3EkzBIe4

Rory MacDonald may be in the midst of a contract dispute with the UFC, but that doesn't mean he is going to begrudge one of his past...

Don Frye could easily have a job if he wanted to join a promotion that’s pushing old UFC legends. But that’s about the last thing the 50-year-old Arizona native is thinking about these days.

“Nope, I’m tired of this bull(expletive),” he told MMAjunkie Radio.

Frye might enjoy watching his aging colleagues strap on the gloves one more time, but his days in the sport have passed.

“I don’t want anything to do with it any more,” he said.

Frye, meanwhile, fought his last MMA bout in 2011, losing by knockout to Ruben “Warpath” Villareal. Asked who he favors in the rematch, he went with Severn.

“I have to go with Dan,” Frye said. “I think it’s going to be a less exciting fight than the last one they had, because time is not going to be on their side. But I think Dan will pull it off because I think he’s more serious about it, and ’Tank’ isn’t going to get off the barstool to train.

“But Dan’s got a little bit more ego to control and protect, so he’ll be training for it.”

LINK: Don Frye most certainly doesn’t want winner of ‘Tank’ Abbott vs. Dan Severn