It appears as though UFC 200 is on the verge of getting its main event.

The UFC is close to finalizing a non-title...

The pieces are slowly coming into place for the landmark UFC 200.

Gegard Mousasi is very likely to...

Kimbo, the king of bootleg brawls in the mid-aughts, didn’t want there to be any such thing as a Baby Slice.

"No, no, he didn’t want me to do it," Ferguson Jr. said maybe half an hour after knocking out Brink. "He wanted me to go to school. That’s why I went to college. He told me to experience college first, and then if I’m not liking it or feeling it, then fine. But he said to never have MMA as my first option, school first."

That’s what Ferguson Jr. did. After high school, he packed up and moved to San Francisco to attend, of all things, art school. He and his best friend enrolled at the Academy of Art University, where he studied photography. Ferguson Jr. was still figuring out what side of the lens he wanted to be on.

Still, it’s hard when you grow up around fighting, successful fighting -- fighting that pays, and affords art school to begin with.

"I’ve been around [my father] my whole life," he said. "So I got the knowledge of it. I guess when I got started, my first time training, I trained with him and I got beat up a lot. I didn’t want to do it no more. Then I found my way back to the gym, and I started loving it."

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Renan Barao will fight at featherweight for the first time in his UFC career. To welcome him to the weight class, hard-hitting veteran Jeremy Stephens has accepted the challenge, as Combate reported.

Although there is no event or country announced for the event, Combate also reported the bout will serve as the co-main event for a Fight Night card that is scheduled to take place on May 29.

LINK: Report: Renan Barao vs. Jeremy Stephens targeted for May 29th UFC Fight Night

"I have mixed feelings about watching him lose. A part of me thinks that it was a good thing because he was humbled and right before he lost he was starting...

Nate Diaz believes the rousing success of UFC 196 earlier this month should officially put UFC President Dana White’s insistence he’s “not a needle-mover” to rest once and for all.

In July 2014, White blasted...