Yesterday, a Quebec radio station reported that Georges St-Pierre would beofficially announcing his return to the UFC in...

It has been 19 months since heavyweight champion Vitaly Minakov defended his title against Cheick Kongo at Bellator 115.

Since that night in Reno, Nevada, Minakov has not fought under the Bellator banner. He compiled a 3-0 record while fighting for Russian regional promotion Fight Nights, which is owned and operated by his manager Kamil Gadzhiev. Most recently, the undefeated Russian beat former UFC fighter Josh Copeland by submission.

So why did Minakov opt to fight in his native land instead of for the promotion he was contractually obligated to? If you ask him, he is not certain why Bellator didn't strip him of the title.

"I'm actually surprised that over the past two years, the belt has not been defended." Minakov told BloodandSweat.ru.

Minakov explained that his return to Bellator would depend on whether the promotional brass is willing to match his contract demands.

"Whether I defend or not will depends on the company Bellator, which is now being negotiated for improvement of our contract. I think everything is possible. And the fact that they have not played in two years of my absence, even temporary championship belt, speaks volumes."

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Bellator CEO Scott Coker pioneered the promotion of women's mixed martial arts. His previous company, Strikeforce,...

Since Hendricks vs. Thompson is no longer a numbered pay-per-view show, UFC 197: Dos Anjos vs. McGregor is now the new UFC 196! That's right, the big March 5th show has been renumbered, so 196 is now Fight Night 82, while 197 is now 196.

Another aspect of the new numeration is how it changes the UFC's pay-per-view plans leading up to UFC 200 on July 9th. If The Card Formerly Known as UFC 196 had stayed on PPV, either May or June would've been a PPV-less month for the UFC. But as it stands, the reshuffling likely means they will have 196 in March, 197 in April, 198 in May, and 199 in June.

LINK: UFC 196 rebranded as Fight Night card, UFC 197 renumbered as UFC 196

"If Wanderlei signs with Bellator, I would love to fight him," Daley said. "I've put that out there. And any other free agent from any other promotion with a name or reputation, I just put that out there to Scott to give them to me. Let me test the waters."

"I know he's there to fight," Daley said of Silva. "Koscheck wins fights, he's been in there with top contenders, but he's really a wrestler. He's a wrestler in the combat game, the fight sports. Whereas Wanderlei, he is a fighter. He was fighting with no gloves and headbutts and eye gouges. He's a fighter. He's a real ass fighter in the fight sports. That's the same mold I'm cut from. I'm a fighter."

"Jesus, that fight excites me more than any other fight right now," Daley told MMA Fighting. "I know it's a long way off, but I'm gonna just keep chipping at it and hopefully it gets to him and his management to make the fight happen somewhere down the line."

"He's a legend," Daley said. "He's big. He's a little bit scary, aggressive. Someone I used to watch back in the day. It would very much be a dream come true to stand across the cage from such a legend of the sport. I think I can beat him, obviously. I think I can knock Wanderlei out."

Daley also spoke about the possibility of facing Benson Henderson, should he sign w/ Bellator.

"I think if he comes up to 170 and he fights me in Bellator, he's gonna be in for a real rude awakening when one of these left hands lands on his jaw,"

LINK: Paul Daley wants to fight Wanderlei Silva more than anyone: 'He's a real ass fighter'