If Jose Aldo thought his ribs were hurting, that's nothing compared to the sting his bank account is feeling now.

The outspoken UFC featherweight champ has long been a proponent for higher fighter pay. And now, according to UFC President Dana White, Aldo was finally in line to get that big payday he wanted oh-so-badly before a rib injury forced him to pull out of Saturday's UFC 189 main event against arch-nemesis Conor McGregor.

White told ESPN's Ryen Russillo. “If he could’ve fought, he would’ve fought."

White was then asked how much Aldo stood to make.

"Millions of dollars. Yeah, he probably would’ve made close to $4 million."

Double ouch.

As if having your rib crunched by a spinning kick to the side wasn’t enough, knowing you missed out on a multi-million dollar payday has to have the Brazilian extra salty.

Then again, the feud with McGregor has put the featherweight division on the map, despite Aldo’s half-decade reign. If McGregor can get past Chad Mendes in a few days, the anticipation for the stalled Aldo bout will be at a fever pitch.

But for Aldo, that surely doesn't take the sting off pulling out of the UFC 189 bout. Aldo found himself in a precarious position: He could've either taken the fight while hurt and risked further injury or potentially a loss; or, he sits out, and is left with sour grapes.

As an organization, does the UFC owe a champion like Aldo some sort of compensation for months spent in training, and lost money on the pay-per-view end? After all, as White said himself: “If he could’ve fought, he would’ve fought.”

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Damn, that's alot cash to miss out on if its true.

Jose Aldo won't be fighting on Saturday anymore as he suffered a fractured rib a couple of weeks shy of his title defense against Conor McGregor. However, if the champion were healthy, he would be completely cleared to step in the Octagon as all of his pre-fight test results came back negative for all banned substances this Monday, as it was reported by Combate.

Aldo, of course, was going to be surprise tested on June 11, but a visa problem with the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) agent rendered him unable to perform the procedure, so the test had to be delayed. The following day, the Brazilian Athletic Commission (CABMMA) did all the required urine exams. You can see the official lab test results (taken from the same Combate link) in the document below.


According to MMA Junkie, the lab results were initially not going to be released until after the McGregor fight, but the rib injury that forced him out of the event meant the information could now go public.

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Conor McGregor told Chael Sonnen that he weighed 172 lbs just 8 days before his bout. Can he make 145 lbs?

It's no secret that Conor McGregor is one of the larger guys in the featherweight division. Standing 5-foot-9, the former cage warriors lightweight champ has already spoken about eventually moving back up to 155 lbs in the future. He's set for an interim title fight this weekendthough, and it looks like he's in for another tough cut to 145 lbs.

"He's a very big guy. I was impressed with how big he is," Chael Sonnen told Jim Rome as he spoke about his time with McGregor at ESPN. "I was like 'Conor, what do you weigh?', he said 'I'm around 172 lbs'. He's got to be 145 lbs in eight days."

"He's going to be a little bit bigger than Chad. I don't know if that helps or not. It might slow him down. He's a big guy," he continued. "I've (cut that much weight) before, but I'm considerably bigger. Percentage-wise, I wouldn't have to lose quite as much."

"I don't know how he's going to do it. He's very lean. He has a very busy schedule. He's training at Las Vegas. He was just in LA with Conan O'Brien last night. He's in New York for Reebok a day before that. He was in Connecticut the day before that," he said. "One, how does he do the weight? And two, how does he find the time? I don't know."

McGregor's performances in the UFC doesn't seem to have been hampered too much by the cuts in the past, but he hasn't exactly been thoroughly challenged or pushed in those bouts either. Will it be different this time against a tough wrestler in Chad Mendes?

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The UFC women's bantamweight champion explained why she likes the new UFC-Reebok deal and also gave the real reason she hasn't worn any apparel sponsors inside the Octagon.

NEW YORK-- It goes without saying that it appears to be a bit easier for one to favor the UFC's new six-year, $70 million dollar uniform deal with Reebokif you are one of the UFC champions set to make $40,000 per fight.

For UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, she has that, plus a huge clothing sponsor like Buffalo David Britton outside of the Octagon, as well as a flourishing action-movie career. She's not one of the fighters in the first tier of the deal that will make $2,500 until after five fights (see the tiers here).

However, Rousey certainly knows what it's like to struggle to get by and her story of her early days is now very well known. From working three different jobs, to living out of her car, the Olympic judo medalist is all too familiar with the financial struggles that many MMA athletes go through. It can also be very difficult for a lot of fighters to find sponsors and that's why if the champion was starting her career today, she would still be in favor of the Reebok deal.

"I wish I had this Reebok deal when I was coming up because it would've been nice if I didn't have to hustle for an apparel sponsor," said Rousey, who will face Bethe Correia at UFC 190 on August 1, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (more on that here).

UFC president Dana White mentioned that Rousey has never worn an apparel brand inside the Octagon and there is a big reason for that, which he hasn't mentioned. During her time as a champion in Strikeforce, Ronda had secured an apparel sponsor before her first title defense in August of 2012, and that was the last time she ever wore a brand inside the cage.

"The first time I defended my title against Sara Kaufman, I wore Trauma MMA and it was only for nine thousand dollars and they still stiffed me," said Rousey, during a media scrum after the UFC-Reebok fight kit unveiling on Tuesday (June 30, 2015). "They just didn't even pay me and what am I even going to do about it? What could I do about it? You think that athletes have a bunch of money to go sue somebody for taking advantage of them? No."

After she got stiffed by Trauma, Rousey's opinion was permanently changed.

"And I still to this day, after I got stiffed on that one brand, I never worked with an apparel sponsor again because I just didn't trust anyone," she revealed. "It's nice to work with people that I can trust."

The deal has been met with an abundance of criticism from the MMA community, but the undefeated women's champion is "happy to be a part of it," she said, before emphasizing that fighters can count on the money from Reebok, unlike other companies like the one that ripped her off. They can move up to the higher tiers and also secure an individual deal like her and several other fighters on the UFC roster.

"I think it's awesome, not only that they have this deal and a tier system, but the more they win the more, they make and they can get their individual deals as well," she said. "It's so nice that you don't have to worry any more and you feel protected and to know that every single cent of the Reebok deal goes to the athletes. The UFC doesn't keep any of it."

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Dan Henderson might be 44 but he's got fights lined up for years.

Henderson signed a new six-fight deal with the UFC early in 2014...

Luke Rockhold assured us that he is indeed fighting Chris Weidman next for the UFC middleweight world championship. He then stopped by the It's Time podcast to tell Bruce and T.J. a little bit more about what it means to him to become the best in the world.

"This is what I've been working for my whole life, is to be on top and to be regarded as the number one fighter in the world at my weight and hopefully beyond," he said.

"In Strikeforce I just didn't have that option of being the number one fighter in the world, no matter who I beat and how well I performed. Now I have that opportunity to prove myself as the top guy in the world. It's been a long road."

When the fight with Weidman does come, Rockhold is confident that he'll find a way to break the champion. He'll make the "All-American" work for every inch he takes, and he'll eat him up in other areas.

"I'm going to scramble. I'm going to make him pay for every take down attempt he does. So, I will force that and he'll find himself in a lot of trouble. When it hits the ground he's going to have to scramble to get himself free and out of danger," he said.

"I think this fight, ultimately, ends up on the feet and Weidman doesn't go the distance with me. He's not going to be able to keep my pace for 25 minutes. I think we've all seen him fade a bit in the fourth and the fifth. He stays strong. He's such a tough guy, he hangs in there. But, I'm going to keep a pace and pressure that he's never been used to. He's fighting guys who are running away from him. I'm not going anywhere. I'll be in his face, I'll be wrestling with him, I'll be making him work the whole 25 minutes, if need be, but I really don't see it going that far. Everyone has a breaking point.

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