[​IMG] According to a recent report from "UFC Tonight," the UFC heavyweight contender has delayed his comeback, once again, after accepting a movie role that will command all of his time in the coming months.
[​IMG] "Karate Hottie" Michelle Waterson is scheduled to fight in July. It remains to be seen if she can continue her winning ways coming off a recent loss and fighting in a higher weight class than in the past.
[​IMG] The most highly anticipated card of the year has already lost its LHW headliner, and now one of the most highly anticipated match-ups in the UFC's lightweight division has been scrapped, as Khabib Nurmagomedov will not be competing at UFC 187.
[​IMG] Chael is never one to mince words. He favors and all or none approach on Jon Jones' recent controversies. Is Chael just getting his 15 minutes out of this ordeal or does he have a point?
[​IMG] Daniel Cormier is a small favorite for opening odds against Anthony Johnson. And the smack talk between the fighters begins...or at least from one direction. Who are you taking in this fight? Are the odds right?
[​IMG] Daniel Cormier replaces jones and will fight johnson at UFC 187.