[​IMG] Multiple sources are reporting that Jon Jones has been stripped of his title and suspended from the UFC. He will not fight at UFC 187.
[​IMG] “They said he had a corneal abrasion or something. I’m not a doctor, but just being around this stuff for years, I feel like if he had to continue he could have. I think he maybe played it up a little more than he had to.”
[​IMG] MMA Community member and Combat Sports Law expert Erik Magraken examines options for the NSAC and UFC. Read more in the forums to better understand what behavior outside the cage might mean for future fight prospects.
[​IMG] Combate recently reported the fight between Rick Story vs. Erick Silva will headline UFC Fight Night 70 in Brazil , though UFC officials haven’t made a formal announcement.
[​IMG] "I'm tired of people pointing fingers at me. I just wanted to clear that up. I was never involved in the business. They sponsored me, my brother helped me, took care of my sponsorship, he helped with the management side of my career, that's it. That was my only involvement with Fear the Fighter."
[​IMG] "I only want to fight for the title...I feel like I've worked my way up to being the No. 1 contender, and I plan on staying that way. Unless it's for a title, I don't want to be like Vitor and wait a year. But if I have to, I will."