Chael Sonnen ran MMA Judge Douglas Crosby through the ringer on his recent podcast in attempt to understand judging accountability.

Phil Davis could soon find out if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.
According to sources close to the situation, Davis, 30, is very close to inking a new multi-fight contract with the promotion, and the deal could be officially announced as soon as Wednesday.
MMA Latest P4P podcast interviewed Burt Watson to see what the man is up to these days outside of the UFC. Check out the transcript or click the link in the forum to listen to the podcast.

"I believe that there is some things that are unfinished between me & Nick Diaz, I now hope that you, Dana White can accept my request & make a rematch possible in my country, Brazil"

"...I want to leave the same way I entered. I think somebody will leave this fight uglier and it'll be Rockhold".

Glory 21 continues to follow in the organization's history of putting together excitingscards, including the addition of Glory 20 standout Chi Lewis-Parry. Find the full fight card in the forums as well.