[​IMG] "If you want to get rid of injuries, you'll have to get rid of the UFC"
[​IMG] Who is the best fighter in the world in any given weight class? Historically, the answer to the question was “the current UFC champion.” However, with promotions like Bellator MMA, World Series of Fighting...
Dana White talks about Rampage making a late re-entry to UFC 186 following the removal of the Bellator injunction.
[​IMG] According to the UFC, an injunction obtained earlier this month against Quinton Jackson has been lifted and the ex-champ’s fight with Fabio Maldonado is back on for UFC 186 at a catchweight of 215lbs. Are the fighters ready?
[​IMG] Will the boxing match we've all been waiting for actually happen? By some reports, no physical contract for the fight has been signed, no tickets have been printed , and the fight is scheduled for 11 days from now.
003michaelbisping6p1y7522.1327555954.0[1].jpg "I was happy when Dana [White] called me and told me about the Reebok deal, I'm like, great, I'm sick of dealing with all these scumbag sponsors"