[​IMG] Eddie Alvarez and Gilbert Melendez have talked plenty about each other over the past four years. Before, they did it from afar. Alvarez (25-4 MMA, 0-1 UFC), a former Bellator MMA lightweight champ, talked up a cross-promotional fight with Melendez (22-4 MMA, 1-2 UFC), a Strikeforce titleholder. It was an intriguing matchup to fans, and the fighters were willing. But, like so many great ideas in MMA, follow through was absent. Now, there’s no more gap to negotiate. Both are UFC fighters, and the talk will become reality Saturday when they co-headline UFC 188’s pay-per-view main card at Mexico City Arena in Mexico. Maybe that’s why they had little to say on a press tour in support of card. Of course, there are varying theories from the fighters. Melendez, who earlier this year called to fight Alvarez at UFC 188, said there were “a couple awkward moments” when they faced off for photographers. After so many years of talking about each other, he recently told MMAjunkie Radio, some tension was in the air. “I think he’s the kind of guy that if he says something, he knows I’m going to come after him,” he said. “And if I say something, it’d probably just be on from there.” But to Alvarez, it was just another day. He said Melendez is filled with so many empty words. [​IMG] “There wasn’t any tension,” he told MMAjunkie. “He didn’t say sh-t. He told the media that if he was in a room with me, he was going to say something or do something. He didn’t do sh-t. I looked him right in his face, and he didn’t so sh-t to me. And when I see him again, he won’t say sh-t to me.” Alvarez, though, is clearly irked at Melendez, particularly when it relates to their history and a fight between them. The way he sees it, the ex-Strikeforce champ has avoided him because he’s been more concerned with his career than being the toughest guy out there. “I never heard from Gilbert,” Alvarez said. “The only time I heard from Gilbert is when I did really good. So like, if I won a world title or defended a world title, then like a week later Gibert would say something to the media about how he wanted to fight me. He just made sure he would mention me so he could fill a headline.” But since they’ve been booked, it’s been Alvarez dropping the clickbait. Earlier this year, he dropped a stink-bomb on his upcoming opponent, comparing him on Twitter to “a high school cheerleader, always trying to suck off the quarterback.” Melendez noticed that one (though it now appears to be deleted). Still, he’s downplayed a rivalry between the two, casting Alvarez as an overly sensitive personality who’s taken offense where there was none. UFC 188’s Eddie Alvarez on Gilbert Melendez: ‘When I see him again, he won’t say sh-t’ | MMAjunkie
It's been just over a month since former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was involved in a hit-and-run car accident, one that sent a pregnant woman to the hospital, and we still don't know whether or not "Bones" is...
[​IMG] For the fourth time in a row, Anderson Silva has asked to postpone his hearing with the Nevada Athletic Commission, following a couple of failed drug tests before and after his unanimous decision win with Nick Diaz at UFC 183 in January. His new deadline will now be on August 7, as it has been confirmed by Nevada deputy attorney general, Christopher Eccles, and reported by Combate. The reason for the new postponement has not been disclosed by Anderson Silva or his team this time, though the reason for the last ones was to wait for the results of new exams that could enhance his defense at the hearing. LINK: Anderson Silva NAC hearing postponed for fourth time - Bloody Elbow
[​IMG] Bellator MMA bantamweight Mike Richman and welterweight Fernando Gonzalez both failed post-fight drug tests following this past month’s Bellator 137 event, the California State Athletic Commission today confirmed. CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster told MMAjunkie that Richman (18-6 MMA, 7-5 BMMA), whom ex-champ Eduardo Dantas (17-4 MMA, 7-1 BMMA) outpointed, was flagged for a performance-enhancing drug while Gonzalez (24-13 MMA, 4-0 BMMA), who submitted Curtis Millender (7-2 MMA, 0-2 BMMA), tested positive for marijuana, his second such offense. The fighters both competed on Spike TV-televised main card of the May 15 event at Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, Calif. Foster declined to cite the specific drug for which Richman tested positive, citing privacy laws. A tweet from Sherdog said it was a steroid. In a prepared statement, a Bellator rep said of the positive tests, “Andy Foster of the California State Athletic Commission has notified us of two positive tests following Bellator 137, Mike Richman for PEDs and Fernando Gonzalez for marijuana. “We’ve been informed that these fighters will be subject to suspensions and a fines. We here at Bellator stand behind the commission 100 percent in this process and remain committed to keeping MMA clean of substance abuse.” According to Foster, Richman will be suspended two years and fined $2,500 for the rule infraction. The term is significantly longer than previous suspensions handed out to fighters for positive PED tests, which usually range between nine months and one year. The shift reflects a get-tough stance on banned substances by the commission, which could soon take up to 40 percent of a fighter’s purse if a bill passes the state legislature. LINK: Bellator’s Mike Richman suspended two years after failed drug test | MMAjunkie I hope fans are ready to see fighters suspended for years at a time.
[​IMG] CM Punk’s former on-air manager and longtime real-life friend, WWE performer Paul Heyman, recently spoke about Punk’s mindset heading into his UFC debut. Heyman appeared on the “Stone Cold Podcast” with WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on the WWE Network last week and talked about CM Punk leaving the squared circle to enter the Octagon. “I don’t think money is the motivating factor in CM Punk’s life whatsoever. I think it’s the challenge to do this,” said Heyman. “This is something he’s been eyeballing since he was a kid, and I think he looks back and he probably regrets not getting into it five or six years earlier, but this was the time to pull the trigger on it.” Heyman continued, “I think he firmly believes he is either going to step in that Octagon and shock everybody by beating somebody’s ass, or he’s going to get punched in the face and knocked out or tapped out and beat up, and I think that he’s very accepting of the fact that that’s a possibility. He’s man enough to walk in there and take his chances.” Cont'd here: Paul Heyman Talks About CM Punk's Mindset Heading Into UFC Debut