[​IMG] Former fighting champion Chuck Liddell should blame his “good friend and traveling buddy” Kelly Gearhart for a risky investment that cost him $2 million, an attorney for an escrow company told jurors Wednesday.
[​IMG] "A year ago yesterday we had completed our second water well among the Pygmies! Tomorrow our Fight For The Forgotten well drillers are tackling #20!"
Chris Weidman sits down with Ariel Helwani to discuss life and his upcoming bout with Vitor Belfort.
[​IMG] "There's no denying that Cyborg's a beast, man. She's tough, and many people believe -- including me -- that Ronda's the best in the world and the best female fighter ever...I guarantee you that fight does over two million pay-per-view buys."
[​IMG] "He comes right back and he fights for the title. He hasn't had the time that Anderson Silva's had, but he is the most dominant champion."
[​IMG] "As much as it sucked to lose...It was welcome. It was almost like a weight lifted off my shoulder to not have to be so consumed with Jon Jones. It had consumed my life. Looking back I can tell how emotionally involved I was."