[​IMG] "Of all the sports, this is the only sport scrutinized where it falls all on the athlete. Why does it always come down to blaming the athlete for not selling the product?"
Karen Bryant talks with Bisping about MW title and "Decrepid washed up" Hendo
[​IMG] "Actually, my management is talking (with the UFC), and I hope to hear about it this week...About Junior [dos Santos], I can say it's a great fight and it only sounds logical to me because he's not booked for a fight, I'm not booked for a fight. Who else is there? There's not really any option available."
[​IMG] "Anthony Johnson is very explosive, very athletic, but he's not versatile. Besides his hands, he has nothing else. He has his hands, and he's very fast and explosive. Besides that, he has nothing"
[​IMG] "If you want to get rid of injuries, you'll have to get rid of the UFC"
[​IMG] Who is the best fighter in the world in any given weight class? Historically, the answer to the question was “the current UFC champion.” However, with promotions like Bellator MMA, World Series of Fighting...