[​IMG] Community member Kneeblock has compiled a list of videos outlining the exciting competitors of Metamoris. Click over to learn more or reflect on the skill of these athletes.
[​IMG] Make your voice heard! We are taking the first round of nominations for a community selected TMC MMA hall of fame. Submit your nominations for voting now.
[​IMG] Ryron Gracie to face Josh Barnett at Metamoris VI with Roberto Abreu injured. Excited? You'll have to catch it on PPV, as the organization has announced that no public or media will be allowed at the match.
[​IMG] Of all of the fighters airing their complaints on the UFC/Reebok pay structure, Vitor Belfort's might sum up the inaction of many to campaign for fighter pay the best -- "I earn more than I need and less than I deserve".
[​IMG] New information is developing regarding the details of the UFC's Reebok fighter sponsorship. If accurate, the sponsorship deal is likely to mean lost income for many UFC fighters. Click over to the forums as the information develops.
[​IMG] My all time favorite fighter - well known as not just one of the best ever, but perhaps the most exciting stand up fighter to ever live - Mike Zambidis, announced on his website that he will retire after...