[​IMG] Join the TMMAC Any Two Men Tournament. How to enter? Just post in the thread with any two fighters of the upcoming event to win. Those two win and you move on to the next round. How hard could that be?
BrattMamley has done it again with a great Dillashaw vs Barao 2 promo video
[​IMG] The lineup is set for next month’s Bellator 138 in St. Louis with a whopping nine fights on the prelims and 14 overall. Who are you taking in the main event?
[​IMG] UFC 187 has had a lot of changes. The card is still over a week away, but many a gauntlet have been thrown in the community forums. Who are you picking? Come make your case!
[​IMG] It has come to light that the UFC will be banning most sponsors from the UFC fan expo this year. Click over to read more as it unfolds.
[​IMG] "I really believe in what Scott Coker is doing with Bellator. They're signing the top talent, they're putting on exciting fights, and they're letting me secure my own sponsors."