[​IMG] Brazil taekwondo team member on Anderson Silva's Olympics dream: " I have nothing against him or know him personally , but this topic is JOKE..."
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usa-today-7875092.0[1].jpg Cain Velasquez is very experienced, he is always walking forward... To be honest, I don't think his last injury was that serious, I think it was more of a strategy... he did it in order to slow me down a little because he saw I really wanted it.
usa-today-8445952.0[1].jpg This weekend, at UFC On FOX 15, lightweight standout, Beneil Dariush will take on veteran, Jim Miller, in a short notice bout. He sat down with Bloody Elbow to discuss his thoughts on the fight with Miller, Shogun’s return to King’s MMA, and more.
[​IMG] “We’d known that Brock was probably going to take a pass and go back to wrestling, which was the right move. "
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