[​IMG] Upon hearing news that he failed a drug test in connection with UFC 183, Anderson Silva denied using performance-enhancing drugs, but he admitted he took an anti-inflammatory, then described a B vitamin.
Mirko has long been known for his deadly stand-up. In this video, he describes tapping out ADCC phenom Fabricio Werdum.
Fight Network's Robin Black breaks down the upcoming UFC debut of former hockey enforcer Steve Bosse ahead of his UFC 186 bout against Brazilian slugger Fabio Maldonado.
[​IMG] UFC is making a change to the way it will compensate its fighters through the Reebok deal. Instead of paying fighters based on media rankings, it will pay fighters based on a “tiered system” based on tenure or number of UFC bouts fought.
[​IMG] Why is Sara Moras training so hard without an opponent?
Community member BrattMamley is getting us hyped for the upcoming fight between Werdum and Velasquez. Check out his latest fight promo that's hot off the presses!