[​IMG] Perhaps Nate Diaz found a solution to being 'pushed' into a fight with Matt Brown. Via Facebook, Jorge Masvidal stated "UFC thinks I coast? Its because these guys dont push me. Give me someone who will like 'The Immortal' Matt Brown"
[​IMG] Luke Rockhold is on a mission to capture the UFC middleweight title, and he said no one – including Lyoto Machida – is going to stand in his way. “The title shot is mine; I’m going to go take it,” Rockhold told MMAjunkie. “That’s what happens. I think I’m going to go out there and dominate my fight..."
[​IMG] Nate Diaz has long been at odds with the UFC, and he’s not pleased with the way the announced matchup between him and Matt Brown was handled. “I never necessarily okayed the fight, the fight was never negotiated..."
[​IMG] "I'm just taking this like a fight," Coleman said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "I gotta fight through this." The 50-year-old Coleman, is locked in a battle with an infection, which set in after hip replacement surgery.
[​IMG] Brazilian former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva still wants to compete in the Rio Olympics in taekwondo, reportedly writing a letter to the Brazilian sport federation’s president. Silva and the sport federation’s president will meet later this week, according to O Globo.
[​IMG] Lyoto Machida owes a great deal to his competitive karate background. Jack Slack gives an incredible analysis of the the former champ's style as Machida's upcoming bout with Luke Rockhold nears.