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  1. TheCompleteKO

    What Reasons do You think Pushed Eddie Alvarez to go to OneFC?

    TMC, We now have confirmed news( as close as its gonna get) that former UFC LW Champion has left the UFC and signed to OneFC. A Few things, we know UFC had the rights to match any offer received by Eddie. we know Bellator was quick to dismiss that Eddie would be coming to the organization...
  2. MachidaKarate

    UFN 135 Gaethje vs Vick - Betting Discussion

    I know we've got some bettors here, so what are you guys thinking about this card for wagering purposes? Any good lines you see? What bets are you considering?
  3. RaginCajun

    Virtual Betting Comments?

    What kind of shit is this @Splinty @Wild My comments have to be approved in my on bet? This message is awaiting moderator approval, and is invisible to normal visitors. I have no idea how this fight will play out but it should be fun either way. :cheers: Fedor beats Mir | TMMAC - The MMA...
  4. Nuk Soo Kow

    Khabib Nurmagomedov opens as 5-to-1 betting favorite over Max Holloway at UFC 223

    Max Holloway may have earned fans’ respect by stepping in on short notice at UFC 223, but the bookmakers didn’t share in the enthusiasm. MMA oddsmaker Nick Kalikas opened Khabib Nurmagomedov as a -505 favorite, implying “The Eagle” has an 83.5 percent probability of victory in the UFC 223...
  5. Wild

    Self-described 'degenerate gambler' Jon Anik discusses rise of MMA betting

    UFC commentator and self-described “degenerate gambler” Jon Anik said he was betting MMA before it was cool. Now that there’s some big money floating around on big fights, all the better. “The UFC and MMA handle that Vegas is taking in has grown exponentially,” he told MMAjunkie. “When Conor...
  6. Wild

    ATTN Dipshits: Don't forget to settle your bets in the Betting Exchange

    Betting Exchange | TMMAC - The MMA Community Forum
  7. Truck Party

    UFC 220 Betting Odds

    UFC 220: Miocic vs. Ngannou Odds & Betting Lines | Best Fight Odds
  8. crowbar

    What`s this betting exchange at the top of the page?

    Is it real money?
  9. Truck Party

    UFC 218: Betting Odds

  10. Madmartigan

    GSP Favorite on betting lines.

    On betfair here in the UK, GSP is favourite, this is just crazy talk... Ok he's a legend but he's been out 4 years, going up against bisping who has excellent takedown defence, solid striking and cardio. How odd.
  11. sparkuri

    Virtual betting/You are responsible to clarify terms!

    Scenario: Bettor bets 2000 on Mousasi Accepted Schlemenko KO's Moose. Bettor pays out 2 grand. Schlemenko pops hot, win overturned. Should bet winner not return $2000 to bettor? We need a solution, I'm about to get angry. You won't like me when I'm angry.
  12. nuraknu

    The MMA Severity Index and its implications for betting

    "In every case when a +6 faces a -1, the -1 wins via KO." Kirik Jenness wrote an article about metrics CSAC came up with for determining based on statistics whether a fighter needs a closer brain examination before being licensed to fight. MMA Severity Index introduced at 2017 ABC convention...
  13. SongExotic2

    Official UFC 214 betting thread.

    I got bones Cerrone Maiaiia Cyborg Who wants a piece?
  14. conor mcgregor nut hugger

    UFC Fight Night 108 Betting Thread

    @teamquestnorth must be in debt because I can't believe he hasn't made a thread like this by now. Anyway I've got: - Lobov - Iaquinta - Perry Name your price, pussies. No newbz, better if you have a respected member who can vouch for you.
  15. SlapheadGiraffe

    Conor v Floyd betting odds

    The bookies over here have priced this up. Conor is 9/1 (+1000?) Floyd 1/20 Hope that makes sense. I don't fully understand US style of showing odds
  16. F

    Betting thread?

    Is ther3 a betting thread I'm missing? Can someone point me to it?
  17. Wild

    HOW TO: We now have virtual betting between members

    Currently the link is here: Betting Exchange | TMMAC - The MMA Community Forum To be clear, we are just rolling this out. There is a chance we may have to tweak some things & that means we may decide to reset everyone's cash to start over or something like that. If we need to do that, it...
  18. BJTT-Pella-AGT

    Get in on the virtual betting.

    Come on, we have a UFC card coming up and we should have more action. Lets put this feature to good use, Im lovin it. UFC 209 is on March 4th. That is less than 1 week away. Im willing to take every bet that comes my way for the full UFC 209 card up until the Fight Pass Prelims begin. Im not a...
  19. Kingtony87

    Sports Betting Exchange

    Is there a place for us to view our total for what we've won and how much sweet e loot we accumulate?
  20. SlapheadGiraffe

    Loving the betting exchange!

    Great work! Don't know how you did that but it's very impressive :)
  21. Splinty

    HOW TO: We now have virtual betting between members

    Currently the link is here: Betting Exchange | TMMAC - The MMA Community Forum To be clear, I am rolling this out on my day off for speed without as much testing as I'd like. There is a chance I might have to change things around. That means I might decide to reset everyone's cash to start over...
  22. ViperzVenom

    Viperz Venom #19 Fight Night 91 Breakdown & Predictions

    Hello fight fans and welcome back for your next dose of Viperz Venom. As always I'll be breaking down and predicting the card but I feel like personal opinion outweighs the statistics I usually spew for you guys. Therefore I will from this point on be trying to give you a good mix of both my...
  23. ViperzVenom

    Viperz Venom #18 UFC 200 Breakdown & Predictions

    Well here we are, the absolute sickest card in UFC history. After all the crap the UFC and it's fans have went through over the past few days the time is finally upon us. I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. With that being said I'm really going to do my best to predict this card as best...
  24. ViperzVenom

    Viperz Venom #14 UFC 199 Breakdown & Predictions

    Hello again and welcome to another edition of Viperz Venom! This time we will be breaking down UFC 199! What a great card we have here featuring not one but two title fights! So far I've gotten alot of help from you, the community as a whole on what I can do to make my column better with each...
  25. ViperzVenom

    Viperz Venom #12 UFC 198 Breakdown & Predictions

    Hello one and all and welcome back for another episode of Viperz Venom's breakdown and predictions! I've brought back Thoughts From The Hat as well for your reading pleasure. We've got one hell of a card tomorrow night and I personally can't wait! With that being said lets get underway! Renato...
  26. ViperzVenom

    Viperz Venom #11 UFC Fight Night 87 Rotterdam Breakdown & Predictions

    Well guys here we are again. Another UFC event with your go to spot for breakdown and predictions here on Viperz Venom. I caught alot of scrutiny over my last breakdown because of how harsh I am on Jon Jones so to those of you who I offended I apologize. I'd like to explain that...
  27. ViperzVenom

    Viperz Venom #9 Fight Night: Teixeira vs Evans Breakdown & Predictions

    Hello again everybody for the next edition of Viperz Venom! I am unfortunately slightly less excited for this fight card as I was 2 weeks ago as I'm sure everybody knows why. Losing that main event was a giant blow, not to mention losing the co main event as well. All in all the prelim fights...
  28. ViperzVenom

    Viperz Venom #8 Fight Night 86 Rothwell vs Dos Santos Breakdown & Predictions

    I bet some of you thought because of the early start you wouldn't get an edition of Viperz Venom this time around. I'm here to tell you that will never happen. Your stuck with me for every UFC card from now until the unforeseeable future. Now I'd like to start off by apologizing to all of you...
  29. ViperzVenom

    Viperz Venom #7 UFC Fight Night 85 Breakdown & Predictions

    Hello again and welcome to another episode of Viperz Venom! I'm so happy to be back bringing you my breakdown for UFC Fight Night 85. Now, because I'm always striving to bring you new things I have decided that I'm going to try something completely different for this episode to see if you guys...
  30. ViperzVenom

    Viperz Venom #6 UFC 196 Breakdown & Predictions!

    Hello fight fans and welcome to that column you've all been waiting for! Where I breakdown the next UFC card and give you my picks! Once again I'm always up for constructive criticism so send me some with your comments. Let me know if you'd like a poll or maybe you would like me to give you my...
  31. ViperzVenom

    Viperz Venom #5 UFC Fight Night 84 Silva vs Bisping Predictions

    Here we are yet again! There are few things I truthfully enjoy more than writing this column. I hope you all Enjoy this edition of Viperz Venom and expect to see episode 6 in only a few days. I'm so excited for the next two events I can barely wait so without further ado here we go! David...
  32. ViperzVenom

    Viperz Venom #4 UFC Fight Night Cowboy vs Cowboy Predictions

    Hello again and welcome to the 4th installment of Viperz Venom! I'm so happy to once again be bringing you another episode of the only prediction thread you should be basing your bets off of! Lets get right down to it! Anthony Hamilton 14-4 vs Shamil Abdurakhimov Sure, lets start it off with a...
  33. ViperzVenom

    Viperz Venom #3 Fight Night Las Vegas Predictions

    Well here we are yet again for another issue of ViperzVenom! Thank you to everyone who has clicked on my post and came in and read what I have to say. I'd also like to say that comments about the structure about my article and construction criticism is more than welcome. My goal here is to not...
  34. ViperzVenom

    ViperzVenom #1 UFCONFOX Dillishaw vs Cruz Predictions

    Hello all and welcome to the very first episode of ViperzVenom. A prediction based writ that I will be writing for each and every UFC event from here on out. As I explained in my new member introduction in 2015 I went 77% for the entire year. Per main card I usually average over 80%. Please...