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  1. ThatOneDude

    General Convoying across America with a toddler, 2 dogs, and a hot scientist wife.

    We are moving to our new home and the first leg is finished. We crossed the Texas border for the last time today. We are staying in the Mississippi Delta region of Arkansas until Thursday afternoon. Then back on the road.
  2. ThatOneDude

    Society We are now happier than Canada

    The US is now happier than Canadia and the UK (not surprising). I was surprised to see we are now happier than our hat, but not surprised at all to see we were happier than a bunch of drunks on a shit hole island...
  3. ThatOneDude

    General It's 7:30 AM and I am no longer unemployed. AMA

    No more being a bum and mowing the lawn at 6:30 AM. AMA.
  4. ThatOneDude

    General AMA: It's 6:30 AM, I'm unemployed and mowing the lawn

    It's 6:30 AM and I'm unemployed mowing my lawn. AMA.
  5. ThatOneDude

    Society China trying to unleash a new plague on the world

    What the fuck China?
  6. ThatOneDude

    General Idaho Teacher has gigantic balls

    This lady has giant balls.
  7. ThatOneDude

    General Israel attacked AGAIN for the second time this week.

    Israel is having a rough week.
  8. ThatOneDude

    General The Stupid Prince is Dead

    Prince Phil is dead. Good, only a few more to go.
  9. ThatOneDude

    Anyone reading Undiscovered Country?

    I have the first part of the series that has already been printed, but I am actually reading the TP's. I finished the first one, now I am waiting on the second to arrive as it was released yesterday. So far the story is pretty good.
  10. ThatOneDude

    Lifestyle Getting my second Pfizer shot AMA

    @Sex Chicken please pin this and make it live.
  11. ThatOneDude

    General North Texas is getting lake effect snow.

    View: It's doing it a little at my house but not enough for video at this current time. This is a breaking story.
  12. ThatOneDude

    Society Attn: Everyone

    TMMAC, Unfortunately I need to break some news to everyone. Forum favorite @Lars R. Biden is not who he claims to be. He leads everyone on, telling them he's Canadian and a bigly manly builder. Unfortunately for us, none of that is true. @Lars R. Biden is actually a small drywaller in the DFW...
  13. ThatOneDude

    Lifestyle Life hack: Use gorilla glue

    Learned a new life hack today for the next time I run out of hairspray.
  14. ThatOneDude

    General The rona is causing issues with vehicular leases

    Oh your lease is up? Go fuck yourself....
  15. ThatOneDude

    Lifestyle Your hero is a snitch

    I hope y'all feel dumb.
  16. ThatOneDude

    Society Arkansas is about to become great again!
  17. ThatOneDude

    Lifestyle @CornPop, you glorious Canadian.

    @CornPop, just wanted to say thank you from Mrs. OneDude and myself for the wonderful freedom gifts you bestowed upon us. We are also enjoying these weird Canadian potato chip flavors, more on that later. You're the man.
  18. ThatOneDude

    Lifestyle Attn: Qat

    @Qat, What's the deal wit these? Do you people like them? They are pretty OK. Is this a Christmas only thing?
  19. ThatOneDude

    Lifestyle Wake up pussies, we are jet boating this morning!

    So many pussies asleep. Get out there and jet boat in the freezing cold.
  20. ThatOneDude

    Lifestyle Israel number 1!!!!!

    Fucking remote controlled machine guns and self exploding trucks, fuck ya!
  21. ThatOneDude

    Society White guys only

    Listen gentlemen, we have a fucking problem (hint hint it's us) and we need to fix it. Please peruse the following documentation and lets come together to see how we can fix this massive issue. View:
  22. ThatOneDude

    Lifestyle The great Christmas tree debate.

    What kind of tree do you have?
  23. ThatOneDude

    Sci/Tech William Gates plans to release a new virus in 3 years

    The fucking balls on this guy.
  24. ThatOneDude

    Sci/Tech My people will live forever.

    @George Thoros get in here! We are about to live forever while the gentiles get old, frail, and die.
  25. ThatOneDude

    Lifestyle The Official TMMAC Thanksgiving Turkey Thread

    How do you plan to prepare you turkey? How big is your piece of sweet sweet meat? I'll be doing a 19ish pound turkey on the smoker, wrapped in bacon so it's self basting. I'll probably add some fresh rosemary and thyme to the rub. Planning to run the smoker at 350ish, burning hickory splits.
  26. ThatOneDude

    General Zuck and Dorsey get shit on some more

  27. ThatOneDude

    Lifestyle Attn: Canucks

    Explain yourselves.
  28. ThatOneDude

    General Let's go Hippo Hunting!

    This would be a great way to help the people of Columbia while also helping to end Pablo's legacy. View:
  29. ThatOneDude

    General These fucking murder hornets

    View: 2020 keeps fucking us hard.
  30. ThatOneDude

    NSFW What the fuck Splinty!

    @Splinty why would you do this!? What the hell is wrong with you!?
  31. ThatOneDude

    Society This will upset some people

    This place has totally fucked my YouTube recommendations and I stumbled across this. To me, this seems like an honest conversation that we should be having across the country. We need to come together. View:
  32. ThatOneDude

    Lifestyle Gay Jesus?

    Was Jesus gay? Probably say some theologians.
  33. ThatOneDude

    Lifestyle Anyone going jet boating today?

    Anyone going jet boating today?
  34. ThatOneDude

    Lifestyle Skinny jeans

    Are they lowering our nation's young men's testosterone by keeping their nuts tucked up inside them?
  35. ThatOneDude

    Lifestyle Attn: Fat Fucks

    I'm sure some of our resident fatties are excited for this. Merry Christmas.
  36. ThatOneDude

    Society The Thai's are using slave labor!

    The Thai's are forcing monkeys into slavery! 2020 is a wild fucking ride.
  37. ThatOneDude

    Sci/Tech The artic is farting and it's Russias fault Scientists have found evidence that frozen methane deposits in the Arctic Ocean – known as the “sleeping giants of the carbon cycle” – have started to be released over a...
  38. ThatOneDude

    General Making chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chips and peanut butter AMA

    Making chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chips and peanut butter AMA
  39. ThatOneDude

    Society Berkeley warns residents they will burn their houses down.

    These fucking communists.