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  1. CombatCorner

    IMG/GIF The Picasso Ode Osbourne heads to UFC 246

    Combat Corner Professionals athlete, Ode Osbourne (8-2) as professional fighter makes his debut fight this weekend at UFC 246s giant stage in Las Vegas as he fights Brian Kelleher. Kelleher who has recently took a loss to Osbourne's training partner and top prospect Montel Jackson via submission...
  2. nuraknu

    Conor is not the father

    Not sure if this should be in cageside or off-topic, but while I am sorry for the little girl, and I am not the biggest CM fan, I was happy to see the news that he is telling the truth about something. Conor McGregor not the father of love child, DNA test reveals -
  3. Haulport

    Conor Has Been Named in Irish Rape Case!!!

    Report: McGregor under sexual assault inquiry Thus his "retirement" announcement this morning...
  4. Haulport

    No Brainer: GSP vs Conor

    I don't know. Perhaps I missed something but how on earth is everyone not saying that this is the fight to make @ 170 in Montreal????? Does anyone understand the PPV numbers this fight would generate? It would be absurd!!!!
  5. TheCompleteKO

    VID Top 10 Most Shocking UFC Moments of 2018

    TMMAC, Happy New Years to everyone! I am introducing a new format for my channel called Top Tens. Obviously, it is where I will making videos of top tens within MMA (not only UFC). I thought with the new year it would be fitting in making a Top Ten about UFC in 2018. I Present the Top Ten...
  6. TheCompleteKO

    Rumor: Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo Rematch in the Works

    TMMAC, Words been buzzing. Apparently, a fight the UFC is trying to book right now is a rematch between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor. First Question: Is this a fight that you would want to see again? 2nd: Do you think this will be a money maker the second time? Aldo coming off a win; Conor...
  7. MovinOn

    General Female Conor McGregor...

  8. Nuk Soo Kow


    Sean O’Malley on Monday announced that he is slated to return to the Octagon UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor on Oct. 6 in Las Vegas. He will square off with Jose Quinonez in a bantamweight bout. O’Malley (10-0), just two fights into his UFC tenure but already a fan favorite, announced the news on...
  9. D

    Jordan Burroughs denies training with Conor McGregor

  10. Mad Dog

    MMA Pros Pick - Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor

    Some really good insights from these guys. Diaz sounded like he had some deep thoughts on the subject but kind of faded away there, lol.
  11. nuraknu

    UFC 229 - Live Discussion 10/6/18

    Complete Results: Khabib Nurmagomedov def. Conor McGregor via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:03 of R4 Tony Ferguson def. Anthony Pettis via TKO (hand injury) at 5:00 of R2 Dominick Reyes def. Ovince Saint Preux via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Derrick Lewis def. Alexander Volkov...
  12. Nuk Soo Kow

    Abdelaziz: ‘No way in hell’ Khabib Nurmagomedov fights Conor McGregor for less money than Nate Diaz

    LOS ANGELES — There is a definitive basement as to what Khabib Nurmagomedov will accept financially for his impending fight with Conor McGregor. Nurmagomedov’s manager Ali Abdelaziz told MMA Fighting on Monday that his client will not take less money to fight McGregor than Nate Diaz made...
  13. Sex Chicken

    General Pray for Conor McGregor Nut Hugger

    I just spoke with his mom and he’s out of surgery. His brother is in jail. View:
  14. TheEmperorRises

    If not GSP or Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov looking at Dustin Poirier, Eddie Alvarez for title

    With UFC 226 over and done with, the eyes of the MMA world now turn to the end of the year schedule for the UFC and the possibility of some major fights on the horizon. Perhaps the biggest of these fights is the potential blockbuster match-up between UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov...
  15. Sex Chicken

    General Conor McGregor Nut Hugger Addresses Miami City Council

  16. Dat Pre-HollyHolm Ronda $

    Conor McGregor Reaction to Max Holloway

    WTF? Is this the new Conor or simply the "I'm a good guy so don't take away my Visa and fuck up all this money for me Conor?" Either way. Kind words from him so.... Hespect View:
  17. M

    General Looks like DTNH (aka Conor McGregor Nut Hugger) got himself into some legal trouble

    I think we need to stage an intervention for him.....
  18. torok

    Conor McGregor’s arrival, departure from Brooklyn courthouse!

    The appearance was brief as McGregor and Cowley’s team informed the court that they plan to negotiate a plea. With that, the session was dismissed and the next hearing, where McGregor and Cowley’s team are expected to enter the actual plea, was announced for July 26.
  19. Blubba Jenkins

    Thug Rose did not send "F#$K YOU" DM to Conor McGregor; (UPDATED!) Pat Barry denies

    Edit: Pat Barry denies that Rose actually did this. ------------------------------ UFC Champ Rebukes Conor McGregor's Apology After UFC 223 Dolly Incident View:
  20. Nuk Soo Kow


    Khabib Nurmagomedov has hinted that he is already in talks with the UFC about his next fight Khabib Nurmagomedov has been the UFC lightweight champion for barely three weeks, but already a number of challengers are lining up to face him. Speaking at a Q&A event at a Russian University...
  21. Blubba Jenkins

    Joe Rogan says Conor McGregor's bus rampage was a Cocaine move

    Rogan doesn't blame alcohol for Conor's bus rampage. He says it was a "cocaine move". Source: Jake Shields View:
  22. Blubba Jenkins

    Irish media asks Conor McGregor to stop wearing Irish colors

    "Millions of us down the decades have been trying to live down the stigma attached to us by the wider world of being drunken brawling Paddies, always ready for a brawl or that two drinks too many. McGregor’s usage of your flag and mine, in the fashion in which he deploys it, dreadfully...
  23. Blubba Jenkins

    Conor McGregor threatens rapper; first known comments since arrest

    “Be very careful speaking on my name without full facts. Are you assuming I’m to be shot soon with your Tupac reference? “By your response it seems that way. I respect you and your opinions regarding the treatment of Irish people by our own Government. I have listened to many of your talks...
  24. Blubba Jenkins

    Conor McGregor rolls with hardcore criminals, Andrew and Jonathan Murray

    These are 2 ruthless criminals pictured with McGregor and discussed in the article by Karim Zidan. Apparently there are very close to him & should not be allowed in the USA. View: View...
  25. Blubba Jenkins

    Andrew McGahon (Severe MMA contributor) allegedly involved in Conor McGregor's violent rampage

    Andrew McGahon (Severe MMA contributor) allegedly conspired with Conor McGregor, Cian Cowley et al. in that assault in Brooklyn. View: View: View...
  26. Nuk Soo Kow

    Opening odds: Khabib Nurmagomedov favored over Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson

    lloway, who was a late replacement for injured Tony Ferguson – and awarded the belt that was stripped from Conor McGregor. Now, Nurmagomedov, who moved to No. 1 in the latest USA TODAY Sports/MMAjunkie MMA lightweight rankings, has opened at the sports books as the favorite over two of his...
  27. MovinOn

    VID Dagestani store labels its chicken "Conor McGregor"

    Hard to make out the Cyrillic script in this hand-held video, but that's the story. View: UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has referred to the former champion Conor McGregor as a “chicken” many times over the last few...
  28. Nuk Soo Kow

    Kevin Lee hates giving 'cokehead' Conor McGregor more press, but 'he's not a real gangster'

    LAS VEGAS – Kevin Lee unsurprisingly has thoughts on Conor McGregor’s alleged bus attack, even if he’s somewhat reluctant to share them. Lee (16-3 MMA, 9-3 UFC), a UFC lightweight who meets Edson Barboza (19-5 MMA, 13-5 UFC) in the UFC Fight Night 128 main event later this month, typically has...
  29. Ted Williams' head

    Conor McGregor plea deal likely

    Conor McGregor Plea Bargain Likely Conor McGregor will almost certainly cop a plea in his malicious mischief case, and the deal may include a felony ... law enforcement sources connected with the case tell TMZ. McGregor has been charged with felony criminal mischief in addition to 3 counts of...
  30. Blubba Jenkins

    VID Ali Abdel-Aziz says they're going to kill Conor McGregor

    Ali Abdel-Aziz says they're going to kill Conor McGregor. You can hear him very clearly in this video. View: He has been an FBI informant in the past & a mole inside a terrorist org. "Ali Abdelaziz (alternatively spelled as...
  31. Blubba Jenkins

    Conor McGregor is a terrorist; feds should seize his guns and silencers

    Everyone should contact the feds and have McGregor's guns seized. And don't give me any 2nd amendment bullshit...he's not an American and is unstable as fuck. Ted Czech made a good case on why McGregor should be treated an a terrorist. View:
  32. MovinOn

    Personal New wheels for Conor McGregor Nut Hugger

    Glad you're on the mend, CMNH! Watch out for those flying dollies though. They're a bitch!
  33. Wild

    Conor McGregor turns himself into police after bus incident, charge pending

    Conor McGregor is in police custody Thursday night in New York, a spokesman for the New York Police Department confirmed with MMA Fighting. McGregor turned himself in and there is a charge pending, the spokesperson said. He was wanted for questioning in a wild incident that happened Thursday...
  34. MovinOn

    Personal Conor McGregor Nut Hugger has fallen on hard times

    @conor mcgregor nut hugger isn't just taking time away from the TMMAC forum to drive more Uber shifts. He's also participating in international roadside brawls to put extra cash in his pocket. Go CMNH!
  35. Inside Job

    Conor McGregor Notorious on Netflix

    just hit netflix today if you want to check it out. Conor McGregor: Notorious | Netflix
  36. Nuk Soo Kow


    Khabib Nurmagomedov is warning Conor McGregor he will 'change this game' if he wins the UFC lightweight title. 11 March, 2018 22:22 Jim Edwards UFC 223 is under four weeks away and according to Khabib Nurmagomedov, there’s going to be a shift of power in the UFC 155-pounds division. The...
  37. Nuk Soo Kow

    General Conor McGregor Nut Hugger vs Sensoria Utopia...

    Who's winning the battle here? Please post your reasons, quoting there posts for better or worse will be appreciated. I'll wait to give my opinion as being an Administrator my vote will probably sway some people's vote.
  38. ender852

    50 Cent: Conor McGregor is ‘Talented for a White Boy’ But Has Inferior Genes

    “Don’t get me f-cked up, know what I’m saying? Conor McGregor is a talented fighter and all that, he’s talented for a white boy, but you know n-words have superior genes when it comes to that kind of sh-t. For white people, in order for white people to have a champion, they had to make Rocky...
  39. MovinOn

    VID Conor McGregor the new face of Burger King

    @conor mcgregor nut hugger @ConorMcGregorsBeard @mysticmac Now you can legitimately swing from Conor's chicken nuggets!
  40. Wild

    Conor McGregor takes aim at Max Holloway, ‘sad bastard’ Tony Ferguson

    Is Conor McGregor setting up future title fights from his phone on a Sunday night? “The Notorious” took shots at both Max Holloway and Tony Ferguson in replies on Twitter. View...