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  1. yuki2054

    General Please note. first edit of new edition of my book. INCoMING!

    I have just finished work on the new edit for a new edition of my third book Fighting MAdness. I have basically had to cut out all of the bullcrap. And It is not ready for public consumption as yet. Stay tuned, to see how this thing pans out! x
  2. Muay Thai Authority

    Watch Idris Elba Knockout and Journey To Final Fight

    Idris Elba is not only a famous actor but also a pro fighter. He is a true inspiration for every people who want to fulfill their dream. Watch Actor Idris Elba Kickboxing Knockout and his journey to his final kickboxing fight.
  3. TheCompleteKO

    Interview with Jose "Shorty" Torres - He talks BraveCF, Depression and his Future in MMA

    TMMAC, I got the chance to speak with Jose Torres after he was released from the UFC. He talks to me about joining BraveCF in a commentary role, fighting for them and overall being treated better. He also talks to me about his battle through depression and what is next for his MMA Career! As...
  4. TheCompleteKO

    UFC - OneFC Trade - Demetrious Johnson for Ben Askren - Thoughts?

    TMMAS, Holy crap news. Title says it all. First ever MMA- Cross Organizational trade. Who do you think won this trade and do you think there will be more trades to come in the future? Comment below.
  5. TheCompleteKO

    Looking for Hot Topics for Upcoming Videos

    Hi The MMA Community, The Complete KO has been posting a couple of videos on the forums to gain some traction and to overall present ourselves to true, hardcore MMA fans. We hope you guys have been enjoying our videos, but we are looking to ask: Are there any topics in current MMA you would...
  6. MovinOn

    Kid Yamamoto fighting cancer

    Sending positive vibes to this warrior in a life-and-death battle. At this point, the details of Kid Yamamoto’s battle with cancer, particularly the type and severity, are scarce. Although Kid Yamamoto has not been particularly successful in the UFC, where he has lost fights to Demetrious...
  7. jason73

    Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship – A New ERA 8/25/2018

    This thread is reserved for live discussion. During the event, this thread will auto-refresh for registered users, and registration is free!
  8. S

    New Japan announce full cards for Destruction tour, first matches for Fighting Spirit Unleashed

    With G1 Climax 28 in our rear view mirror and Hiroshi Tanahashi holding the right to challenge for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at Wrestle Kingdom 13, it’s time to move on to New Japan Pro Wrestling’s first wave of fall shows to start seeing how the rest of the annual supercard will shake...
  9. TheEmperorRises

    James Gallagher: I'm fighting 'clown' Darrion Caldwell in Dublin 'whether he likes it or not'

    James Gallagher has every intention of fighting for the bantamweight title after Bellator 204. And he said champion Darrion Caldwell will have to come into enemy territory to do it. Gallagher (7-0 MMA, 4-0 BMMA) will return from a 14-month layoff Friday when he makes his 135-pound debut at...
  10. D

    GSP is interesting in fighting Khabib-Conor winner

    GSP is interesting in fighting Khabib-Conor winner! View:
  11. FrankieNYC

    Why Conor is fighting in Vegas & not NYC

    Meltzer said UFC is hoping to possibly do a fast turnaround & get him for NYE card.
  12. 1

    General Muay Thai (Children fighting for cash) Short documentary

  13. Robbie Hart

    Yep, most lethal martial arts for fighting

    I and @ECC170 will determine where any fight takes place View:
  14. gangsterkathryn

    Listen Friends at work fighting

    Two of my friends at work are gonna engage in an epic (ha!) mma fight this evening and I bet one of them that he was gonna lose, so I want your opinions. Chucky: 23. Supposedly done mma and goes to the gym sometimes. O: 40-something. Goes to the gym daily. Could give @Sex Chicken a run for...
  15. La Paix

    Wonderboy reacts to @Karate Chops gripes about his fighting style

    “Sometimes people say, ‘You’ve got to go out there and grit your teeth and just throw,'” Thompson said. “That’s never been my style, but I think I need to be a little bit more aggressive instead of counterpunching. There are other parts of the game I can go work on to keep my opponent guessing...
  16. TheEmperorRises

    Wanderlei Silva says he’s fighting ‘Rampage’ Jackson in September

    Wanderlei Silva vs. Quinton Jackson in September? It’s a done deal, at least according to the Brazilian. ilva posted a video on his Facebook page on Wednesday saying that Bellator officials have reached out to him offering a main event clash with “Rampage” in a yet-to-be-announced card in...
  17. Wild

    VID Derrick Lewis would be doing porn if he wasn't fighting

    :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: View:
  18. sparkuri


  19. Blubba Jenkins

    Marc Raimondi and MMA Fighting used video footage without permission (Diaz vs Guida)

    View: View:
  20. RaginCajun

    VID Chael on fighting Fedor

  21. Blubba Jenkins

    Frank Mir opens up on Fedor loss (Phone Booth Fighting)

    Frank details his loss to Fedor on the latest Phone Booth Fighting episode.
  22. Papi Chingon

    Ragin Al Now Fighting for a Belt

    Allegedly the underwear was brought to the NYAC, weighed, and .2lbs was confirmed, so now the fight is actually for the belt either way. 223 has been the clusterfucks of all clusterfucks, but at least this is a legit championship fight (lol).
  23. ErikMagraken

    Wyoming Legalizes Professional Bare Knuckle Fighting

    Original article here - Breaking – Wyoming Legalizes Professional Bare Knuckle Fighting _______________________________________ In what I believe is the first US State Athletic Commission to legalize the sport of bare knuckle boxing, the Wyoming Combat Sports Commission has just published rules...
  24. Ted Williams' head

    General Let the Boys Fight: Why Anti-Bullying Policies Fail and Why Fighting May Be the Answer

    Let the Boys Fight: Why Anti-Bullying Policies Fail and Why Fighting May Be the Answer Not that I'm a fan of bullies, but I thought it was a bit creepy to see adults getting involved in child squabbles. There's nothing that stops bullying better than knuckles on a chin. Maybe we should be...
  25. Wild

    Dana White: 'Nate Diaz isn't interested in fighting'

    Nate Diaz says he’s ‘sick of sitting around’ and wants to return to the Octagon by May, but UFC president Dana White insists the Californian has no interest in fighting anytime soon. White, the UFC’s long-time head promoter, reiterated that the younger Diaz brother has rejected every fight...
  26. BJTT_Kiwi

    Fighting with a stoma / ostomy bag

    Terms may be a touch off @Splinty @SC MMA MD Jokes aside. What a fucking beast. “I always fought with a colostomy bag. And for everybody who thinks I’m lying, look at me right now, I got a colostomy bag.” He pulled the front of his shorts down below his waist to reveal the plastic bag...
  27. ErikMagraken

    Why Josh Emmett’s Appeal At Least Has a Fighting Chance

    Original article here - Why Josh Emmett’s Appeal At Least Has a Fighting Chance _________________________________ This weekend Josh Emmett lost his headlining bout to Jeremy Stephens at UFC Fight Night Orlando The loss came with some controversy where it appears Emmett was struck with at least...
  28. BJJMMA

    Michael Bisping says he is not fighting at UFC London

    Michael Bisping returning at UFC Fight Night 127? Think again. The former UFC middleweight champion said Tuesday that despite previous reports, he will not be fighting on the upcoming London, England card, which is less than two months away. Don't buy tickets to see me fight in London. I'm not...
  29. Wild

    Dana said he spoke to DC about fighting Stipe

  30. Disciplined Galt

    Personal Dog fighting

    I am not speaking of the humans remain . Yes.ĺul
  31. Mishima Zaibatsu

    Stephen Thompsons coach: Thompson has no interest in fighting Till.

    Stephen Thompson’s coach: No interest in fighting Darren Till at this time Makes sense. High risk, low reward. Would still like to see it happen down the line though, striker's delight.
  32. stielar

    Nick Diaz' fighting style during Strikeforce was a thing of beauty

    View: So much grace in the amazing volume of punches thrown. In the second round he turned Smith's head into a speedbag. And he wasn't some one-dimensional fighter either, his BJJ was unparalleled too. There will hardly ever be anyone like him...
  33. nuraknu

    Justin Buchholz is fighting again

  34. nuraknu

    Mark Hunt: If I die fighting, that’s fine

    "I will probably end my life fighting. "I’ve been fighting since I was a child, fighting to get out of my circumstances. I used to make $300 a week, struggling to put food on the table but I have become one of the highest-paid fighters in the world. I feel that’s destiny. This is what I’m...
  35. Onetrickpony

    Black Beast Fighting Flood

    i don't think I could like this dude more.
  36. stielar

    ‘Why is 2nd best fighting number 7?’ – Khabib coach on Ferguson-Lee announcement

    Following the news of a possible UFC fight between number two-ranked lightweight Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee, which would sideline number one-ranked Khabib Nurmagomedov from a hoped-for bout with Ferguson, the Russian’s father and coach spoke out on the issue. The long-awaited fight between...
  37. Team Bisping

    Renan Barao fighting this weekend..what the hell happened to him?

    From being hailed as one the very best to having his soul taken by TJ.,..What the hell happened to him? It's fascinating to see a fighter supposedly in his prime go from pound 4 pound rankings to fighting on prelims.