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  1. nuraknu


    One shot. Monster's WILL RETURN better than ever! I am determined. We will make it happen. But for now, let's see who wins TMMAC's BMF belt. @Ronnie Forney Nut Hugger The rules are simple. One pick per fight, pick any time between now and when fights start (6:30 PM EDT / check your timezone)...
  2. yuki2054


    I played UFC 1 for my xbox1x and actually won the first three fights. That means that I am through to the semis of the 2nd championship. All of my fights were by decision, but I like to get Uke in the clinch, or mount, and then just release a salvo of atemis on his head. I'd be quite interested...
  3. Uncaged

    MMA Card Game is Here!

    Hey Folks! You may have heard about us on the LAW/Co Main Event podcast in months past, and we'd just like to let you know that our kickstarter for the Taekwondo+Wrestling decks in our MMA card game Uncaged: World Fighters is live! It's kind of like Magic: The Gathering meets Street Fighter and...
  4. Inside Job

    General NFL 2018 Kickoff Game Falcons vs Eagles

    anybody watching this thing? rain delay right now and gonna be a wet one defending champs raising the banner tonight hard to repeat as champs as history tells
  5. Ted Williams' head

    General A fun game you can play with a gun

    Edit: oops, can't embed, gotta click on the FB link
  6. Mix6APlix

    Cinema Lets play The Tie that binds game.

    Who was in The Blues Brothers and Die Hard?
  7. SongExotic2

    General Is game of thrones the goat?

    What is a credible alternative to be mentioned in the same breath? Certainly not lost. Lost can fuck itself.
  8. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle Rate the last video game you played / playing.

    Last one I played was Deus ex mankind divided 8/10 Before that was mgs5 38/10 Currently, just started farcry 5 It's 8.5 /10 at least. Very good so far. What u honkies play?
  9. Jdog93

    General @Robbie Hart Schools Youngster in Game of 1vs1

    View: Nice shot @Robbie Hart
  10. Mix6APlix

    Lifestyle Lets play the glass houses game?

    Who here is without sin? Who has never made mistakes or just blatantly done something violating the law or just basic civility? Anything from stealing a candy bar to fleeing the scene of accident that had questionable outcomes. Or anything else. Share your tales in this thread. Dont be shy.
  11. 1

    General The new rap snitch game

  12. Mix6APlix

    Personal Which video game characters were you best with?

    Street Fighter 2: M. Bison. I was godlike and undefeatable. Mortal Kombat: Raiden, see above. Killer Instinct: Jago. I was never able to string together huge combos, but I still usually won.
  13. This Pothead

    General If @OurDarrenShatInMeLezbaru was in a video game

    As one of ( if not) the best posters here in the TMMAC. I wondered if he ever was in a video game how would go down. Fret not TMMAC, I believe I found the dialog he would use. Enjoy.
  14. Howard Moon

    VID Hayzoos got some game

    I guess fighting drunks isn't much of a challenge when you are Super Hayzoos. View: The point after the jab is my favorite part.
  15. Nickman9000

    Name a Game of Thrones Character...

    ...And I will attempt to draw them.
  16. Jehannum

    TMMAC Monopoly Board Game

    The Fast-Moving Pointless Shit-Posting Game (TMMAC Monopoly Board Game) CURRENT FEATURES (and there are some details I'm not going to reveal yet) NEW & CHANGED TILES 32 Streets (up from 22) 1 Extra tile row (Adds strategy) 4 Stations (for switching rows) 4 Roundabouts (for switching rows) 8...
  17. SensoriaUtopia

    The Create your own MMA org game

    This will be a fun experiment where you can make an MMA org, and put it on this thread. There will be some parameters that will make it fun, and make it simple but also requiring a lot of thought. Here is what you will be doing. First you will need to go to Fight Matrix. Fight Matrix – MMA...
  18. Robbie Hart

    General Went to my nephews uk quarterfinal basketball game today

    and the other team of 16 year olds had a 7’4” kid, a 7’2” kid and a 7’0” tall kid The one who is 7’2” was athletic and driving by everyone for dunks and hot at least 9 threes in a row at one point. 16 years old......what are they feeding these kids Here’s the 7’4” kid Brit schoolboy is...
  19. Ted Williams' head

    General NCAA Title Game MVP's racist past uncovered

    An offensive tweet from Donte DiVincenzo's account in 2011 surfaces The tweet from August 2011 is a lyric from Meek Mill song Derrick Rose that had been released just more than a week earlier. The tweet, and lyric, in question is: “Ballin on these niggas like I’m derrick rose!” Thank god...
  20. RaginCajun

    General CMNH Dressed Like A Dragon On A Game Show

    @conor mcgregor nut hugger - View:
  21. mysticmac

    NSFW Take me out to the ball game!

  22. RaginCajun

    General A German Splinty On Match Finders?

  23. Nuk Soo Kow


    Khabib Nurmagomedov is warning Conor McGregor he will 'change this game' if he wins the UFC lightweight title. 11 March, 2018 22:22 Jim Edwards UFC 223 is under four weeks away and according to Khabib Nurmagomedov, there’s going to be a shift of power in the UFC 155-pounds division. The...
  24. The Sound of Violence

    Co Main Event Podcast Drinking Game for Pride FC Final Conflict 2005

    Ben Folkes and Chad Dundas are hosting a Co Main Event Podcast Drinking Game for Pride FC Final Conflict 2005 live at 7pm pacific tonight. Should be hilarious especially if you heard the last time they did a drinking game episode (Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 55 (6/11/13)) The show is only...
  25. Kid

    General What’s ya end game

    When I grow up I want to be a forester Run through the moss on timberlands That's what I'll do Throwing out boomerang Waiting for it to come back to me When I grow up I want to live near the sea Crab claws and bottles of tequila That's what I'll have Staring at the seashell Waiting for it to...
  26. black lives matter

    fuck game of thrones. WITCHER BAAABAAA bee dubs

    i missed tmmac geek ground bc im a geek' i intended on saying that the onyl i drank tonight was cause of you @Missy Cat but as usual, i drifted into a tangent of a tangent =) im drunk
  27. Dat Pre-HollyHolm Ronda $

    Game Of Thrones Jacked Hotel California

    Any music nerds here? Tell me I'm crazy but I was practicing Light Of The Seven from Game Of Thrones on my piano when something told me that shit sounded like Hotel California. So... I found a kid playing it on guitar to compare. Listen to the 2nd riff from 22 second mark to the 29 second mark...
  28. Disciplined Galt

    UFC 2018 game

    Thinking about getting this today, has anyone played it?
  29. Wild

    VID Kajan Johnson: Lack of compensation from UFC video game is 'disgraceful'

    View: UFC fighters will not be receiving a check in the mail despite being in the new EA Sports UFC 3 video game. A certain ‘Ragin’ UFC lightweight has a lot to say about that. With EA Sports UFC 3 released last week, UFC...
  30. kneeblock

    General This game is the 9th circle of hell

    Watch and hate the designer. View:
  31. black lives matter

    Viserion vs Drogon Size Comparison and Rhaegar Jon Snows Death Battle | Game of Thrones Season 8

    this video is public next friday i disabled comments on my YT videos bc its too distracting. i have self-diagnosed OCD and am struggling to read every single comment coming through on hundreds of videos. and it mind fucks me, preventing me from putting everything into new shit so im gonna...
  32. Onetrickpony

    General Board Game

    I’ve put up threads about other board games in geek but no one seems to go there so I thought I’d show it off here. I got my copy of Gloomhaven today that I’ve been waiting for this since last summer. I’m super stoked to play it next week with my friends but first I had to unpack the 22 pounds...
  33. Onetrickpony

    General Game Show Review

    Its too bad this would never get on tv here.
  34. Onetrickpony

    General Game Of Thrones season 8 pushed to 2019

    Game of Thrones final season of six episodes to air in 2019 Season eight began production in October and is expected to wrap up in mid-2018 before HBO releases it the following year Reuters Fri 5 Jan ‘18 00.21 GMT Game of Thrones fans will have to wait until 2019 for the planned final season...
  35. IschKabibble

    General New Portal game announced!

    When will the painful ride end?
  36. GSPTrainingInAPool

    Sci/Tech Inventive streamer livestreams pay-per-view fight by pretending to play UFC game

    Inventive streamer livestreams pay-per-view fight by pretending to play UFC game | PC Gamer By Joe Donnelly UFC 218 took place on Saturday, with featherweight fighters Max Holloway and Jose Aldo headlining the event's main card. By pretending live footage of the fight was in-game footage of...
  37. Onetrickpony

    General Xbox One Console and Game Sale.

    If anyone is looking for an Xbox 1 or games they are ridiculously cheap right now straight from microsoft. Xbox ones for 189 and games like dishonoured 2 and doom as low as 12 bucks.
  38. RaginCajun

    General Another Funny Japanese Game Show Clip

    The harder they try, the funnier it gets... View: