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  1. Prison Rape Survivor

    Society Girl Fight Sweet Head Kick

    View: Anyone know where I can find the full video?
  2. 1

    General Girl instantly regrets having her lips done

  3. 1

    General This weather girl from Chile... HNNNGGG

  4. RaginCajun

    Congrats to Miesha Tate On Her Baby Girl!

    View: View:
  5. T

    General HOT or NOT ? Rate this girl

    How would you rate this chick ?
  6. Prison Rape Survivor

    Listen Girl at Music Festival Embarrasses Entire White Race

    By dropping the N-word smh... View: Fortunately Kendrick was nice enough to give her another chance...
  7. Mix6APlix

    Personal What's your favorite girl scout cookie?

    The only acceptable answers are either Thin Mints or Samoans. Where you at?
  8. MovinOn

    General Jogger sues 10-year-old girl after collision with her bicycle

    Judge ruled against him. GOOD! A former Kamloops resident was disappointed, his lawyer said Friday, to learn he was unsuccessful in his attempt to sue a 10-year-old girl after he jogged into her bicycle. Rosario Perilli alleged the child was riding her bike “recklessly” when she veered into...
  9. 1

    General Girl that's a bootyhole

  10. Wild

    VID Greatest Post Fight Interview Ever

  11. peter_weyland

    General Who is this girl?

  12. Jdog93

    General Little Girl knocks out Little Brother with Drop Kick

    View: Sorry @Miesha's Taint i had to post this one. We're looking at a Future UFC Women's Champ!
  13. 1

    General One year review of Mexican weather girl

  14. 1

    General Girl gets the answer very wrong.....

  15. Wild

    VID Dana White talks about little girl who's life he saved

  16. Sex Chicken

    Girl Wrestler’s Brother Loses His Mind!

    Kid snaps and says “Enough is Enough”. View:
  17. 1

    General Hey People...A girl I know well is dying

    I'm gonna try to help out with the crowdfunding...Hell even a dollar or 2 dollars would help. You all know me for being true to my word. If you want to help out then you can donate to my PayPal and I was going to transfer it in one sum from the MMA community to her cause. I am 39. She is the...
  18. Disciplined Galt

    Lifestyle New girl

    Is fun, took her to nana plaza which is the world's largest red light district last night. We both made out with a shiksa had some shitty burgers then went home.
  19. Ted Williams' head

    General Transgender Wyoming woman convicted of sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl in bathroom

    The left said this kind of thing wasn't going to happen, people who thought it might happen were transphobic. Transgender Wyoming woman convicted of sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl in bathroom
  20. Masato Toys

    General Drew a live nude girl last night

    Hey all So I've been doing some lifedrawing for a while, but for the past few years its always been clothed. Sparsely clothed, but still clothed. Last night however I was too sick to go to jits class so I took the opportunity to hit this other place in the next town that holds the real deal...
  21. 1

    General On-duty NYPD officers 'handcuffed 17-year-old girl, took her to deserted spot and raped her

    Teenager claims she was raped by two New York police officers
  22. jason73

    General Anthony Weiner given 21 months in prison for sexting teenage girl

    Ex-congressman pleaded guilty to transferring obscene material to minor Weiner, 53, must undergo internet monitoring after sentence is served Anthony Weiner leaves court in Manhattan. As his sentence was announced, Weiner dropped his head into his hand and wept, then stared straight ahead...
  23. Mix6APlix

    Sports 4 year old girl eats a foul ball at Yankees Stadium

    Now I know you all probably think that I found this to be hilarious, and there is a very small piece of me that does. However, I once won front row seats for a Sox-Royals game. Right in line with 3rd base. Literally could stick my feet over the field if I were so inclined. Around the 2nd or 3rd...
  24. b00ts

    Society Bhad Bhabie Mega Thread

    I just don't know anymore... This is a 14 year old little girl, in case anyone forgot.
  25. StarBabe

    New Sexy Star Wars Babe

    Download all 235 Photos (uncensored) SALE - 235 Photo Bundle - Sexy Star Wars - Slave Cosplay - Nude - Female Nudity - Instant Download - Full Frontal Nudity Erotic Photography
  26. Splinty

    General German girl converts to Islam, joins ISIS, is captured in Iraq, faces execution

    View: View: She was captured a little while ago but the capture video is now making the rounds Teenager wants to get away from the...
  27. xfitmeetsgrappling


    Hey y'all, I'm new here so this is my first topic outside of my intro. So here's a really weird story... I literally just got back from the gym, it's around 5:30 here so I finished working out at the gym at around 5:14 or w/e. The entire time I was there today, there were at least - I KID YOU...