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  1. E

    HELP! Nickname needed!

    Hi everyone, I’m competing in my first fight at the start of 2019 and still have no nickname! I train in Muay Thai (Favoutie) and also train BJJ, I have a boxing background also. My name is Ethan Lewis if that helps with any good names, I also fight defensively, very quick, not known for...
  2. Nuk Soo Kow

    Derrick Lewis has fixed his back with the help of Tiger Woods’ doctor

    Michael Adamucci-USA TODAY Sports Derrick Lewis is one of the most promising fighters in the UFC heavyweight division, and that’s kind of crazy when you consider the fact that he’s been competing the entire time with a jacked up back. A back that’s forced him out of fights. A back that has...
  3. 1

    General Can we help Little Ranji???

  4. Jdog93

    Personal Wine Experts : I Need Your Help

    I was given a $100 wine voucher to a Wine website (Still not sure if scam or not) But seems legit. I have no clue about wine. And considering my wedding is next month id like to know which one or ones to get. There as too be One Wine (Snob)<kiddin on here that would be...
  5. ShatsBassoon

    Personal Need help shopping online

    Im trying to track down some gloves Bin # is en388 ( I think) size large. These gloves are the best I've ever used. Really light weight but durable. They mold to the creases of your fingers. They're nitrate dipped and cut resistant. I'm trying to find a distributor (in Canada preferably)...
  6. Super Dave

    Help me out

    Let me start by saying I have nothing but respect for those that compete inside the squared circle but the popularity of some characters baffles me. Those off the top of my head. Bayley Rollins Strowman Again, this is referring to in-ring persona. I watch UpUpDownDown and see that in real life...
  7. IonutUrke

    Tibialis Anterior constant pain. HELP

    Hello everyone , I am new here , sorry if this was posted before. It goes like this : I am 20 old , training in kick-boxing & mma , a bit of freestyle wrestle backround. I am arleady 1 and a half years into kick-boxing and I am having one constant issue , which is my shin muscle (tibialis...
  8. nuraknu

    Personal @Passive Jay needs our help (not a joke)

    Looks like @Passive Jay has cancer. I'm so sorry you are going through this! If there is any other way we can help, do not hesitate to let us know. You may want to visit: General - If you need a laugh...This is the place | TMMAC - The MMA Community Forum View...
  9. M

    Help An Amateur MMA Star That Was Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

    Hey y'all! I wanted to share the story of my friend Grant Neal who's a talented amateur MMA fighter who was falsely accused of sexual assault while playing football in college. After the case was resolved, it was too late for him to return to collegiate football so he found MMA fighting and has...
  10. 1

    General Can you help me with this?

    “Can you help me with this?” • r/funny
  11. D

    Fantastic Four: Overlooked Attributes That Help Justin Gaethje’s Defense

    Justin Gaethje. What does this name bring to mind? Explosiveness. Savagery. Jaw-dropping amounts of violence in each and every fight he has been a part of since he burst onto the national scene in the World Series of Fighting. All of these responses are spot-on. This has only continued as he...
  12. Brigsy

    Sci/Tech Switching iOS to Android calendar help please

    Hi people, Making the switch from apple to Android. Just trying to work out shared calendars between me and my wife. If she stays on iCal can I import and share in google calendar somehow please? Thanks for any help...
  13. black lives matter

    Listen need help choosing 2 thriller audiobooks

    i usually just by shit with elves, but im going to take audbile up on their 2 for 1 credit sale do any of yall read/listen to thrillers and have recs? if anyone is kind enough to name thrillers they like, ill search through the list myself to see if they are options. thanks in advance!
  14. conor mcgregor nut hugger

    Society NEED HELP - Tips on being Canadian

    I don't want to actually become Canadian, but I do want to at least pretend to be one when I travel to Singapore in April. Sorry my American brothers, but I just won't be able to tolerate the endless comments from people on how big of a tard our President is and the non-stop questions asking me...
  15. RaginCajun

    General McDonald's Fries Could Help Cure Baldness

    A cure for baldness might lie in a chemical used to cook McDonald's fries, a team of Japanese scientists says. Researchers at Yokohama National University used dimethylpolysiloxane to produce follicles that could grow hair when transplanted into mice. They are hopeful the method could be used to...
  16. MovinOn

    Society Cops ingest edible pot while on duty, hallucinate, then call for help

    What a gong show! Or maybe that should be ganja show... Two Toronto police officers who allegedly ingested marijuana edibles, hallucinated and called for help while on duty Sunday have been suspended, CBC News has learned. Both officers are under investigation by the force's professional...
  17. black lives matter

    Cinema need help finding a show (knightfall)

    slingTV didnt air an episode last week (episode 6). so ive seen 1-5. and 7 is available on slingtv on demand. but i need to see episode 6 LOL anyone know a site where i can check for this type of thing as a one-off? im willing to pay a couple bucks to get it legit. youtube doesnt have the...
  18. D241

    Help me remember Big John's UFC suspension

    I recall that UFC was upset that Big John McCarthy was reffing Affliction shows. I recall Big John not being allowed to ref in ANY UFC event for a short time, not just in Vegas. Is this correct? I know for fact John wasn't allowed to ref any UFC events in Vegas, but am I mistaken or was Big...
  19. Freeloading Rusty


    MARIJUANA MAY HELP HIV PATIENTS KEEP MENTAL STAMINA LONGER A chemical found in marijuana, known as tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, has been found to potentially slow the process in which mental decline can occur in up to 50 percent of HIV patients, says a new Michigan State University study...
  20. Wild

    How Brian Ortega's past motivated him to help children

    Brian Ortega aspires to be the champion, but says his real goal is to make a difference in children’s lives. He’s already driven around the country, going to hospitals to visit sick children. He’s particularly interested in helping children with cystic fibrosis, but if there is a child in...
  21. Onetrickpony

    Help with UFC Winnipeg Seats

    I'm going to take my dad to the show for his 70th birthday and was wondering if floor seats or stand seats would be better. Here's the 3 places we could sit. It's 9the row back on the floor and in the stands. All the seats are $293, I'm not going to the 550, 750, 950 range. Where do you...
  22. GSPTrainingInAPool

    Dana White: Adding divisions won’t help UFC’s weight-cutting issues

    by Tim Burke@TB_Money Oct 18, 2017 Dana White: Adding divisions won’t help UFC’s weight-cutting issues “People are like, ‘Add weight classes, do this, do that. It’s never going to change. You’re still going to have people trying to – let’s say I add a 165-pound weight class. That will only...
  23. Nuk Soo Kow

    Congressman: Conor McGregor may help with Ali Act to MMA campaign

    Conor McGregor may help with the ongoing bid to extend The Muhammad Ali Reform Boxing Act (Ali Act) to mixed martial arts, per Congressman Markwayne Mullin. Mullin told Reuters that UFC lightweight champion McGregor, who lost to Floyd Mayweather in a high-profile boxing match last month, has...
  24. teamquestnorth

    General Hey guys I need help.

    What's up guys. I know I havent been on here much and I apologize. Its not that I went to a different site or anything like that. The reason was that I got into drugs the last 6 months or so and fell behind on bills which led to one thing after another. I got evicted from my house and my...
  25. black lives matter

    Sci/Tech Please help me pick out comp sys reqs for video editing

    Watching a bunch of youtube videos now. So far I've got - ssd instead of sata - 16gb ram - highEST processor u can afford. Are i7 good? - usb3 memory card reader - discrete GPU What avout rhe number on the disk. 120gb 256gb,shit like that? Will have more questions. ThaNK you in advanced, comp...
  26. Bones Nose

    General Help me decide on my future

    So theres a big shitstorm coming to fla and everyone is freaking out. I need help choosing my path in all this fear induced chaos The cabin is super nice ill get it for 6 days. Got a hot tub on a wooden deck and its 2 storys with a giant yard and a good sized river with trout and a fire pit...
  27. SlapheadGiraffe

    General UK guys want to help us out?

    Open an account with Betsafe from this link and get a sign up bonus as well as being eligible to win free Cage Warriors tickets at every event for the rest of this year. We really need some help with this as they are big sponsors, along with TMMAC... and you only need to deposit £10...
  28. 1

    General When girl's try to help.

  29. Lord Vutulaki

    NSFW Spanish speakers please help me out (Vid)

    The fuck is the back story here?
  30. Psionic

    Help get Pro Wrestling removed from Google/YouTube's non-safe content list

    Google, Inc: YouTube: Remove Wrestling from "Offensive Content" List! It would really help a lot of content creators who post Wrestling content. i.e: WhatCulture, Wrestling With Wregret, DenkOps, G&P, Grim's Toy Show, TheGreatOne, etc. If nothing else, please support Pro Wrestling as a whole.
  31. conor mcgregor nut hugger

    Personal Guys, Fellow TMMACer Joemacka Needs Our Help

    Father: ‘Skunk caused my son to cut off his penis’ - BBC News @Joemacka if you could post the GoFundMe page your old man set up that'd be great. Best wishes, broski.
  32. SlapheadGiraffe

    Help with the Masvidal and the Branch fights?

    Really struggling for an opinion on these fights and as it will be about 4am my time by the time they come on I need to bet! Any strong opinions out there?
  33. Pitbull9

    Can you guys help me get excited about MMA again?!

    Ready go!!!! I think MMA is the worst it has ever been imo. I have not once seen a fight recently that made me feel like i was the one fighting and getting all anxious and excited and nervous.
  34. SongExotic2

    General Lets help me pick a new woman

    What are the characteristics / bullet points I should look for? I dont really have a type although my last 2 have been Mexican woman. They tend to be a little nutty. I also reckon shes gotta be at least 25. Aint gonna deal with none of that just turned 21 and dont know how to deal with...
  35. regular john

    General Help with Abstract

    I have to submit this short scientific article for my master's degree class and it requires an abstract translation. I did it myself but you first language english speakers can provide great help. Please take a look and tell me if you can understand clearly what it is about and if there's...
  36. Nuk Soo Kow

    Lifestyle Help me select my dinner

    Going to a local craft brew house with my wife. Read and advise. Other in house beer BNA Brewing Co. & Eatery - Beer
  37. teamquestnorth

    Desperately need TMMAC's help

    Hey whats up bros. I need your help in getting this petition out to the masses. If we work as a team we can make this a reality and make MMA great again. On the current course we're on MMA will be dead in a couple of years. Thanks for signing, sharing, and your understanding. No more midgits...
  38. jason73

    NSFW Woman who filmed her maid falling from a building and didn't try to help 'detained by police

    Police in Kuwait have reportedly detained a woman who filmed her Ethiopian maid falling from the seventh floor of a building. The woman did not try to help the maid and simple called to her “Oh, crazy, come back.” Footage, posted by the woman to social media, showed the maid hanging onto a...
  39. The Sound of Violence

    Help Needed! Weightcutting Poll!

    Hey Everybody! A buddy of mine is working on a paper about MMA in San Diego/Tijuana. If you've cut weight before and can answer a few quick questions it'd be a huge help and I'll owe ya a beer! I've included the info on the poll below: "I am collecting anonymous information about your...