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  1. Super Dave

    Cinema Stranger Things Season 3

    First trailer has surfaced. Potential spoilers involved. View: https://twitter.com/Stranger_Things/status/1018857811604791296?s=20
  2. Onetrickpony

    General @conor mcgregor nut hugger Horror story

    @conor mcgregor nut hugger
  3. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle Best horror movie ever? Poll

  4. BJTT_Kiwi

    NSFW Stop the horror (film, NSFW)

    MOVIE IS IN THE LINK BELOW I had to Stop The Horror. Will you? THIS movie is so terrifying, it’s possibly the most unwatchable horror ever. Stop the Horror is only five minutes long, but it’s not for the faint-hearted and most can only endure 15 seconds. While the blood is gruesome and the...
  5. Onetrickpony

    General Stray Cat Horror

    The horribly disfigured cat people could not even bring themselves to look at... but now has a loving home after a little girl begged her Daddy to save it Malnourished stray had been living behind rubbish bins in Istanbul, Turkey The emaciated cat had one ear missing and could barely open its...
  6. Gay For Longo

    General horror movies

    I did a search and couldn't find a dedicated horror movie thread, so figured I'd make one I occasionally post on other horror forums and another mma horror movie thread, but this is my favorite place to discuss, fuck, pretty much everything, so let's get this thing going I watch mostly...
  7. Super Dave

    Don't Breathe

    A new horror movie from the makers of Evil Dead (2013, not the original).
  8. Super Dave

    The Invitation

    Just watched it on Netflix. Anyone else seen it yet?