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  1. Banchan

    Sports Your favorite sport teams and why you love them

    Please explain to me what teams you follow and why.
  2. TheEmperorRises

    Michael Chandler would love to finish trilogy with fellow free agent Eddie Alvarez

    Michael Chandler likes the idea of landing under the same promotional banner as fellow free agent Eddie Alvarez. However, he said that possibility coming to fruition doesn’t outweigh his desire for both men get the best deals possible. Chandler (18-4 MMA, 15-4 BMMA) and Alvarez (29-6 MMA, 4-3...
  3. Mix6APlix

    General I love fucking with people

    When I checked out at the local grocery store, it asked if I wanted cash back. I paid with a debit card. I then asked the cashier if they just gave me free money or if it came out of my account. Their expression was priceless. My lmao for the night. :laughing:
  4. 1

    General Korean love hotel commercial

    View: WTF????
  5. Nuk Soo Kow

    Coker says he’d ‘love’ to make ‘Rampage’ Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva in 2018

    A classic MMA rivalry might be reprised in 2018. Bellator president Scott Coker told MMA Fighting on Thursday that the promotions attempting to put together a bout between Quinton Jackson and Wanderlei Silva. The two have fought three times previously and have had bad blood with each other...
  6. Mix6APlix

    General God I love video poker

    Turned 5 bucks into over 1200. It's a good day.
  7. Wild

    Hate me, I give no fucks. I love Kevin Lee

    View: :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
  8. Kid

    General Would ya make love

    To a hot prego lady having another mans child?
  9. Banchan

    General Could you manage to hide a love child?

    Like Arnie did ? Let's say you screwed up big and accidently got a girl from a brief affair pregnant and she decided she was going to keep it and this news would be very detrimental on your marriage. If you could hide the fact that you had a kid with someone else until he/she was 18, would you?
  10. Nuk Soo Kow

    BJ showing some love to Tito

  11. Kid

    General No love for boxing?

    Where da sub forum here for boxing?
  12. Bones Nose

    My love for you guys

  13. Zeph

    Society Tennessee sheriff taped saying 'I love this shit' after ordering suspect's killing

    Oddie Shoupe is being sued for excessive force after telling deputies to shoot unarmed Michael Dial rather than risk damage to police cars A Tennessee sheriff is being sued for using excessive force after he was recorded boasting he had told officers to shoot a man rather than risk damaging...
  14. Gay For Longo

    General the French love Nutella

    Apparently instead of boxing day in France, they put nutella on sale at 70% off and the French go batshit crazy Look at this shit View: One positive I did notice though If you watch closely, you will see people from nearly all races fighting equally to get...
  15. Gay For Longo

    General .

    Sorry guys
  16. Truck Party

    General 10 important things to ask on first dates

    I've seen @MC Gusto & a few others be very ineffective in trying to turn this forum into a leftwing blog with new topics about every trivial thing that devout liberals might want to write a letter to the editor about, but I'm more woke than them, & quite possibly more persuasive. I want to get...
  17. Ted Williams' head

    I love Ngannou but the "world's strongest punch" thing is bullshit

    "It's the strongest we've ever recorded", well who did you record? 20-0 (20 KOs) Anthony Joshua? 39-0 (38 KOs) Deontay Wilder? Not a disrespect to Ngannou, just annoyed at UFC perpetuating this bullshit. And of course fan-boy Joe Rogan is leading the charge. If they haven't measured Conor's...
  18. 1

    General Too attractive to find love

  19. Mishima Zaibatsu

    I love Till's style. Hope to see him challenge for the belt eventually.

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves, he needs to a few more top 10 wins first. I think he murks Perry, then I'd like to see him fight someone like Nelson, Usman, Covington, a grappler so we know what his TDD is like. We all know, you aren't going to be able to contend with someone like Woodley...
  20. Sex Chicken

    General If You Don’t LOVE Pussy...

    Don’t buy a Subaru Forester with All Wheel drive. You might be thinking... ‘You know what?... I REALLY like pussy, maybe I should buy a Subaru Forester.’ DO NOT buy a Subaru Forester unless you LOVE pussy. Taking care of all this top shelf pussy has become a full time job. I’M NOT JOKING. I...
  21. Ted Williams' head

    I love Tony but didn't care for the language

    When "fuck" is every second word of your sentence it really makes you sound like a dope. Chael Sonnen would cut blistering promos and never needed to curse. I don't even mind an occasional F-bomb to emphasis a point, but that was too excessive. Someone needs to tell El Cucuy that UFC doesn't...
  22. Mix6APlix

    General Oh how I love Florida...

    Good luck with that bro. LOL...
  23. The Bad Guy

    General White Supremacists Love Nietzsche, But Nietzsche Would Hate White Supremacists

    View: Friedrich Nietzsche is without a doubt one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted philosophers ever, and now white supremacists and neo-Nazis are using...
  24. drjones

    General look at that black guy center camera behind trump, black people love trump!

    he is just a trump supporting black man and the dishonest media will try to come up with some fake news to attack him im sure, he just walked into the rally like anyone else and ended up right behind trump's right shoulder... watch the scumbag democrat communist socialist liberals try to DOX...
  25. 1

    General Love letters to Richard Dawkins

  26. seekntruth

    Society "Dispatch, please tell my family I love them"

    Officer's near-fatal shooting caught on eyeglasses-cam HAMPTON, S.C. (FOX 13) - The terrifying sudden shooting of a South Carolina police officer back in 2016 was recorded by a camera in his own eyeglasses. This week, that footage helped convict the man who tried to kill him. It was back on...
  27. Madmartigan

    That stacked card fight week feeling...

    A super stacked card doesn't happen often, Through the year us hard-cores get to watch many 'on paper' mediocre cards, and were sometimes pleasantly surprised. But Fight Weeks like these, when we truly have an amazing card, I can't help but watch/read all related media and news. I love fight...
  28. Mix6APlix

    General Why I love my Timehop app

    Gives me such good memories. I have no idea who Maddie Meyer is, but I got a text from her. This was my response.
  29. sparkuri

    General Chicks you fell in love with on the big screen

    Not lust, love. Teri Garr in Mr. Mom & Close Encounters of the Third Kind Michelle Pfeiffer in One Fine Day & Up Close & Personal
  30. The Bad Guy

    General Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Dunks On Trump's Wall And America's Love For Tortilla Bowls

    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Dunks On Trump's Wall And America's Love For Tortilla Bowls Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Dunks On Trump's Wall And America's Love For Tortilla Bowls View:
  31. Splinty

    Sports I love sweet justice

  32. Nuk Soo Kow

    ‘No Love’ no more – Cody Garbrandt is getting hitched

    Cody Garbrandt and Danny Pimsanguan are engaged It has been a big few months in the life of Ohio native Cody Garbrandt. After winning the UFC bantamweight title over Dominick Cruz at UFC 207 in December, he was named a coach on the current 25th season of “The Ultimate Fighter” alongside...
  33. yuki2054

    General John2054 megathread: my name was just mentioned on live uk national radio, cool huh?!

    I've been a month without my depot/injection, and i am feeling a damn sight better. I really don't want to go on it again, like hell i do. We will see what my consultant psychiatrist says on Tuesday... PS i've been on these drugs for 12 years now, and like hell they work. Like hell they do...