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  1. CombatCorner

    IMG/GIF The Picasso Ode Osbourne heads to UFC 246

    Combat Corner Professionals athlete, Ode Osbourne (8-2) as professional fighter makes his debut fight this weekend at UFC 246s giant stage in Las Vegas as he fights Brian Kelleher. Kelleher who has recently took a loss to Osbourne's training partner and top prospect Montel Jackson via submission...
  2. TheCompleteKO

    Why Logan Paul Will Fight in The UFC

    I want to first thank FrankieNYC & Meltzer for releaseing the UFC 228 Numbers, to be save you time, they were not good. So The Complete KO created a video explaining why having Logan Paul in the UFC is actually a good thing for the sport.
  3. TheCompleteKO

    Looking for Hot Topics for Upcoming Videos

    Hi The MMA Community, The Complete KO has been posting a couple of videos on the forums to gain some traction and to overall present ourselves to true, hardcore MMA fans. We hope you guys have been enjoying our videos, but we are looking to ask: Are there any topics in current MMA you would...