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  1. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle Prince Phillip movement roll call.

    As we know, the prince is god. But recently with the rise in global temperature I felt it was worthwhile to a quick roster check to see who's gonna survive. I am gonna be straight up. I know I forgot at least two people and I don't have time to look them up. You know who you are, don't be mad...
  2. peter_weyland

    General The #metoo movement has gone too far...

    Miss America is scrapping the swimsuit portion from its pageant - CNN Scrapping swimsuits? Women of all sizes? This is worse than allowing girls into Boy Scouts. Am I supposed to tune in to watch dumb women answer political questions? WTF, Donald Trump?!
  3. Dick Niaz

    General I'm starting a movement. Who is coming with me?

    As we move further into Spring, many of us will be going to concerts, races, and other events where there will be port-a-potties. I'm not talking about a single portable toilet, but a row of them. It is madness that people form a few random lines then take the first one that is open around...
  4. Ted Williams' head

    General Never Again: Is gun control movement too white? (delicious liberal infighting)

    Never Again: Is gun control movement too white? You can never truly be liberal enough. I love it! Shows what liberalism is at it's core: a self congratulatory virtue signal fest. But it's no fun when there's too many people virtue signalling around you, so you have to try to thin the herd a bit.
  5. MovinOn

    Conor's movement trainer Ido Portal training for MMA debut

    View: View:
  6. RaginCajun

    Society Oh The Irony! Assemblywoman At Forefront Of #MeToo Movement Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

    Assemblywoman at forefront of #MeToo movement accused of sexual misconduct California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, chair of the Legislative Women's Caucus who has been at the forefront of the movement against sexual harassment in the state Capitol, has herself become the subject of...
  7. Future President Kamala

    Where did the slanderous rumors that Dana White is sexually harassing his employees come from?

    So we all know what a charitable, caring and just overall good human being Dana White is. Sure his own mother despises him, but everyone else agrees that he's the best, especially the admins here. That's why I'm a little appalled that people have been making insinuations about him after it has...
  8. Gay For Longo

    General The Prince Phillip Movement

    The Prince Philip Movement is a religious sect followed by the Kastom people around Yaohnanen village on the southern island of Tanna in Vanuatu. It is a cargo cult of the Yaohnanen tribe,[1][2] who believe that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the consort to Queen Elizabeth II, is a divine...
  9. 1

    VID Head movement

  10. Severianb

    IMG/GIF Michelle Waterson movement training with pool noodles.

    View: Some shadowboxing too: View: Who's gonna have the advantage in the standup, Michelle or Rose?
  11. tnway

    Conor Mcgregor's Body Twitch

    If you watched the last press conference ufc196 you saw him twitching. Let me clarify Conor's body Twitching cause alot of people seem to think it's because of too much training, too much drugs or what ever. .. But it's not one of those things. Conor has been doing alot of ido portals movement...