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  1. nuraknu

    UFC's Andre Fili talks role of lifetime as 'sketchy, weed trimming cousin'

    Andre Fili is branching out from his role as a UFC featherweight to be typecast on film. Prior to booking a fight against Michael Johnson at UFC Fight Night 135, Fili (18-5 MMA, 6-4 UFC) signed on to “Green Fever,” a movie produced his longtime coach and friend, Team Alpha Male founder Urijah...
  2. MachidaKarate

    General General movie discussion (news, reviews, whatever)

    I figured it could be good to have a general movie discussion thread. Any time there's some movie news, or you want to post a review or offer some other comment about a film, and you don't think it's worth creating a whole new thread for it then post it in here. I've watched some films and run...
  3. Super Dave

    Cinema Ryan Reynolds Is Reimagining Home Alone As A Stoner Movie

    Ryan Reynolds is producing an R rated version of Home Alone. I wish I was making this up. "Stoned Alone is reminiscent of that hallowed comedy classic. It centers around a twenty-something weed growing loser who misses the plane for his holiday ski trip. He makes the best of things by getting...
  4. Super Dave


    Continuing with the trailers that came out of San Diego Comic Con I present the first one for Glass. M. Night Shyamalan brings together the characters from his previous films Unbreakable and Split.
  5. Babby

    General Hi. What is your favorite movie

    Hi. How is everyone? What is your favorite movie? Mine is predator And the notebook And mean girls You?
  6. Dat Pre-HollyHolm Ronda $

    Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson on Movie Set

    Not sure is this is old news but Rampage and Rashad are in a movie where they play twins. LOL View:
  7. peter_weyland

    Cinema Give me your obscure amazing movie reccos

    Here's the current watchlist culled from various threads and recommendations: Over the Top Top Secret The Devils The Beyond Tango and Cash Westworld (70s) ?
  8. Yuki Nakai's Eye

    Cinema This is the gayest scene in movie history

    Nothing in Brokeback Mountain holds a candle to this:
  9. Mix6APlix

    Cinema Boba Fett movie

    This better not suck. 'Star Wars': Boba Fett Movie in the Works With James Mangold (Exclusive)
  10. Mix6APlix

    Sports Best football movie?

    The Program North Dallas Forty Other?
  11. sparkuri

    General Have you ever been a movie "extra"

    I was in a movie called Black Circle Boys Other family members were in the movie Prefontaine, and others, which I won't mention because some were credited & I don't trust you bastards. Kinda like labor ready for movies; hang out in a room until called upon for scenes. I was left out of scenes...
  12. black lives matter

    Cinema Hungry eyes - movie version

    Hottest scene ever depending on how you define "hottest" And how much you like dancing
  13. Dat Pre-HollyHolm Ronda $

    Urijah Faber a Movie Star Now

    Just watched a pirate stream of the new Rampage movie and did a double take when I noticed one of the mercenary gunmens voices. Rewound to focus in on the gunmen's face... Haha its Urijah all right. He has a couple quick lines in the movie
  14. Wild

    VID Khabib the movie critic

  15. ShatsBassoon

    General Which movie have you watched the most?

    Easily T2 for me. This movie doesn't age, I couldn't begin to count the amount of times I've watched it.
  16. otaku1

    General The Big Lebowski : 20th Anniversary.

    Post your favorite line. There are hundreds to choose from. Here’s my favorite: NOBODY FUCKS WITH THE JESUS!
  17. Priziesthorse

    Cinema The Sopranos is getting a movie prequel

  18. Mix6APlix

    Cinema Why is 'Gringos' an acceptable movie title?

    Where as it can be used in many contexts, most of them are in a disparaging manner. Why is this allowed? You think if I made a movie called ******* it would be accepted? Of course not, because I'm white, and I would be 'racist' then. #ItsHardToBeWhiteInAmerica
  19. Vagabond

    General If a movie about your life is being made, which actors/actresses do you want to play you?

    The timeline doesn't matter. They could be living or dead. Also, what kind of movie? My movie's going to be comedy/action and I want Data from "Goonies" to play the young me young Jet Li as my prime and Dr. Ken Jeong as the older and wiser version of me
  20. Mix6APlix

    Cinema Is there a funnier movie than Airplane!

    No. I've seen it almost as much as I have seen Bloodsport, and it makes me laugh my ass off every single time. (Side note that I always found funny, was when they show the plane in the air, even though it's a jet, it's overlayed with the sounds of a prop engine. You'd have to be a total dork...
  21. Inside Job

    General Gay Jesus - The Movie

  22. sparkuri

    4k ultra hd hdr movie recommendations?

    I got Blade Runner ordered in December to arrive on my doorstep Jan.16th, so I NEEDED the associated TV upgrade, streaming player, cables, and surround sound'ish soundbar/bass box. It was fucking glorious. Last night I took my Best Buy bucks and bought Mad Max Fury Road & The Watchmen. Fury...
  23. Super Dave

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Trailer comes tomorrow but there's a teaser playing during the Super Bowl. Here it is for anyone else like me that isn't watching football.
  24. sparkuri

    Cinema "BIGGEST MOVIE IN HISTORY" touts Passion Of The Christ pt.2

    Jim Caviezel: New 'Passion of the Christ' to be 'biggest film in history' Actor Jim Caviezel portraying Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ.” Jim Caviezel, who stunned the world with his portrayal of Jesus in the 2004 blockbuster “The Passion of the Christ,” is now confirming he’s on board...
  25. Priziesthorse

    Cinema Who has the coolest jacket in movie history?

    I'm too lazy to list more.
  26. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle A.I (the movie)

    Just got finished watching this, I thought I'd seen it once before but I guess I hadn't. Otherwise there is no way I would have sat through that pile of shit for a second viewing. What an atrocious pile of steaming mechanoid shit! If you have never watched this movie then do yourself a favor...
  27. sparkuri

    General 100 Greatest Movie Threats

    Any missing?
  28. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle Let's be movie producer's

    Aside from sexually assaulting scandalous hos we have to come up with ideas for movies. I reckon a Roddy Piper biopic starring JCVD would be great
  29. Sex Chicken

    General Book and Movie Recommendations

    Let’s introduce some god damned culture to this forum and recommend some under the radar books/movies and tv shows others may not know about. I’m going to start with this book. Vacationland by John Hodgman (The PC guy from the Apple ads) It is hilarious. I’ll admit it is written by a guy in...
  30. mfan773

    General Before TMMAC: The Documentary

    Before starting up TMMAC, @Splinty unsuccessfully tried to get famous on Youtube by making this documentary, but the project was unfinished. Shortly after the last take, @Splinty stole the special concoction they made and was to sell it on the streets. Word has it, this is how he started TMMAC...
  31. black lives matter

    Cinema Sully Movie Review

    its on HBO through december. phenomenal movie imo. tear jerker... shows the best of people
  32. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle Funniest movie (poll)

    Is it step Brothers?
  33. Super Dave

    Animated Spider-Man movie coming x-mas 2018

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a feature length animated Spider-Man movie coming to theatres Christmas 2018.
  34. Jdog93

    Cinema A Prayer Before Dawn (Muay Thai Movie)

    Cool new Movie based on the True story of Thailand Jail Muay Thai Fights. Cant imagine how tough you would have to be to survive there. Great Movie by the Looks of the Trailier. View: Would like to know your thoughts on it @Galt cuz i know your one tough SOB and...
  35. ShatsBassoon

    General Name that Movie from the Screenshot

    #1:trophy: :trophy:= Solved
  36. Ted Williams' head

    General GF caught me tearing up at Pixar movie last night

    We went to see Coco, and there's a scene at the end that's very emotional and I felt my eyes watering up. I tried to blink them back into my eye but the tears ended up spilling out and running down my cheek. GF noticed and elbowed me and said "stop being a big meanie". Pixar movies always get...
  37. redneck

    Cinema Bruce Lee: Birth Of The Dragon, movie.

    Has anyone seen this? I wont post any spoilers but what a piece of fiction this is. The relationship between Wong Jack Man and Bruce Lee is more like something from a comic book. The movie is basically a romance action movie with Wong Jack and Bruce in roles that weren't crucial to the storyline.
  38. 1

    General 100 best threats in movie history

  39. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle Best horror movie ever? Poll