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  1. TheLDPodcast

    ONE FC/Fight Pass crossover just makes sense?

    Firstly what’s up, haven’t been here in a long time. I see a lot has changed..😂 I loved this site because you could come and float out your general (usually bs let’s be honest) opinions and have some good back and forth and often learn a lot from some real fans of the sport(s) who’ve literally...
  2. CombatCorner

    VID Montel Jackson more than just a prospect heading into UFC Fight Night 166

    Montel Jackson (8-1) has been lighting up the canvas ever stepping foot into the UFC Cage at Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series Season 2. Since then Jackson has gone to 3-1 within the UFC stomping grounds and has started building himself a name. In this video Jackson reflects on the...
  3. Haulport

    Headbutts Are Coming Back!!!!

    Via the increased popularity of Burmese Boxing! How Headbutts Change Fighting - Burmese Boxing I very HIGHLY recommend checking out this guy's channel (below) for anyone interested in real fight technique analysis (kinda like Jack Slack - whatever happened to him?) The Modern Martial Artist
  4. 1

    General Muay Thai (Children fighting for cash) Short documentary

  5. Haulport

    What a Bad-ass, Tough Mother...

    ...fucker Amir Sadollah was. And not just his pro record... Look at his TUF wins: Amir Sadollah - Wikipedia
  6. Wintermute

    Sports Muay Thai Gear Reccos?

    Started Muay Thai training in earnest recently with some borrowed gear. Really enjoying the training so I was looking to invest in my own gloves and shin guards. Amazon has some reasonably-priced gear, so I'm curious what you guys use and like. RDX seems to be a good compromise between cost and...
  7. regular john

    VID Awesome doc about the best muay thai gym in the world

    Former muay thai fighter turned into podcast owner Leo "Amendoim" Monteiro traveled to northeastern Thailand and put together this awesome little doc about the famed Kiatmuu9 camp, undoubtedly the best muay thai camp in the world. Pretty fuckin' awesome. View...
  8. Jdog93

    Cinema A Prayer Before Dawn (Muay Thai Movie)

    Cool new Movie based on the True story of Thailand Jail Muay Thai Fights. Cant imagine how tough you would have to be to survive there. Great Movie by the Looks of the Trailier. View: Would like to know your thoughts on it @Galt cuz i know your one tough SOB and...
  9. stielar

    Apparently Krazy Horse just fought some viscious Muay Thai guy in China...

    ...and got knocked out in a devastating fashion. View:
  10. battleworn

    Buakaw Banchamek with young kid

    Buakaw doing pads with a young kid. Nice work from both of them. View:
  11. battleworn

    Cutting weight

    This is sad and tragic for a number of reasons but also a very timely subject in MMA. A young farang Thai Boxer living in thailand has died from possible heat stroke while cutting weight for a fight. Scottish Muay Thai boxer dies probably from heat stroke
  12. battleworn

    General Muay Thai Judge Beaten

    Some strange happenings in thailand: Muay Thai judge beaten, guard shot dead outside stadium
  13. TheOutsiders

    Max Muay Thai LiveStream 2/26

    for those of you currently awake.... ADintrend HD ดูทีวีออนไลน์ ช่อง 8
  14. M

    how to learn MMA online. My selected videos to help.

    Well I made a playlist of videos on youtube to help a lot of mma fighters to help out the mma community. The videos below are to help out any fighter at any level. Some suggestions and your thoughts on the videos would be appreciated.
  15. Fight Quality

    What's your favourite fight gear brand?

    Here's our question to all of you who train. What's your favourite fight gear brand? Whether it's because you're always returning to them, or because of a single item that they do which puts other brands to shame, most people have a favourite. What's yours and why?