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  1. TheContinentalOp

    General DECA - Anybody listen to this?

    Came across this guy's music randomly and have been listening to his albums on every drive for the past couple weeks. Anybody hear of him or dig the music? Gabriel Ratchet: View: Waiting: View: The Way...
  2. yuki2054

    General My first rap battle...

    Eminem watch out Battleme - Rap App
  3. TheContinentalOp

    General Music for your Ears

    Atmosphere - Graffiti (Don't really like the video but the song is great and off their new album) View: Danny Brown - Aint it Funny (Video is amazing, song really grows on you and is some deep shit) View:
  4. TheContinentalOp

    Listen New Atmosphere

    Atmosphere just released their newest album a week or so ago and it's pretty great. As always with them, there's one or two songs to skip but the good songs are great and easily make up for the one or two mediocre ones. The attached video is the full album with corresponding visuals of...
  5. Sobering Sobriquet

    General Young people: what's with all the bragging in today's popular music?

    I keep asking around about this but no one really seems to know the answer. Thoughts?
  6. Pitbull9

    General Cut music for me

    Hey fellas can i send someone a song and they cut it for me and send it back?
  7. Onetrickpony

    Walk out music you want fighters to use

    i heard Twillight Zone by Golden Earing today on the radio and thought how great a walkout song it would be for Valentina Shevchenko. This is the chorus for anyone who doesn’t know the song. Help, I'm steppin' into the twilight zone Place is a madhouse, feels like being alone My beacon's been...
  8. Banchan

    General Good Canadian Music

    Can you recommend some good Canadian music songs everyone should know about? Old, new, all genres please tell me the specific song title so I can listen to it.
  9. Prison Rape Survivor

    Listen Girl at Music Festival Embarrasses Entire White Race

    By dropping the N-word smh... View: Fortunately Kendrick was nice enough to give her another chance...
  10. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle Best walkout music?

    Be it wrestling Kumite UFC Boxing Anything. What is the most fitting walkout mucic ever? Couple of good ones. Chris eubank- simply the best. By Tina Turner Song2 - Michael bisping Real American - hulk Hogan Best around - Luke rockhold vs machida Sexy boy- Shawn Michael's The music...
  11. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle Music (poll)

    If you gotta pick one ..
  12. Splinty

    Listen Thoughts on Drake giving away a million dollars for his new music video?

    View: Does it cheapen the kind acts or bring attention to get others to follow suit?
  13. Nuk Soo Kow

    Lifestyle Xmas music albums

    I can't remember the last Christmas when I didn't hear both of these many times over, enjoy them both. Most annoying ones have to be...
  14. Wild

    VID Arianny's new music video

  15. ENOCK

    Society VH1: Behind the Music

    Sublime: Biggie Smalls: View: Red Hot Chilli Peppers View:
  16. otaku1

    General Canadian music festival apologizes for 'overt racism' Canadian Music Festival Staffer Dubbed 'Racist' After She Refuses To Move Back Well, some people are really just sheep... I am speechless... *mega facepalm* Halifax music festival...
  17. b00ts

    Personal In my music feels tonight boys.

    Started drinking and listening to old country music from when I was a kid. Fuck life was so much easier then. Even with good money and investments now there's always a stressor. Alan Jackson gave the best advice back in the day....
  18. Disciplined Galt

    General Music Mind Trip

    Trying to figure out tunes I came into by myself. Tripping me up.
  19. SongExotic2

    Best entrance music

    Obviously count Michael wins. But who else is in contention? I know rockhold walked to karate kid music vs machida. I thought that was cool. Couple of guys walked to mortal Kombat and I think the other day someone walked to kumite music. Tom lawlors Apollo Creed entrance was badass too
  20. Mix6APlix

    Listen A thread about real music

    No EDM, No techno, No rap, No hip hop...real music, like where musicians play instruments. I'd like to thank @Splinty for giving me full Admin powers over this thread, and I am sure he is working diligently on my purple name that he owes me, but I digest, this isn't a thread about me asking...
  21. M

    General Anyone going to Sunset Music Festival in Tampa this weekend?

    If so, hit me up here..... Or let's go to one of Tampa's numerous fine strip club establishments :D
  22. Chief

    General The music of my adolescence is a fucking graveyard now

    RIP Chris Cornell Kurt Cobain Scott Weiland Shannon Hoon Layne Staley Bradley Nowell Hang in there Eddy Vedder.
  23. GSPTrainingInAPool

    Lifestyle Favourite summer music

    Youre relaxing in the sun with an ice cold beer. What songs are on your playlist??
  24. Report

    Listen Classical Crossover / Electronic Dance Music

    many years, my most listened to Pandora station is my "Lindsey Sterling Radio," which is a bunch of her stuff and other classical crossover, irish jig-type, electronic, etc Basically, songs with string instruments and/or electronics. Some slow and peaceful. some dance music i guess. I thought...
  25. ShatsBassoon

    General Jack Black and Fallon recreate Extremes more than words music video

    View: Solid performance and Jack Black is a great singer.
  26. soundoff71

    Geek Sounds: Adrian Belew

    If your musical taste is as nerdy as your taste in comics & films, then either you're an Adrian Belew fan, or may end up being one. I saw the Adrian Belew Power Trio the other night in Boulder & he Be-lew my mind mind. ;) For decades, some of the most creative musicians in rock have turned to...
  27. yuki2054

    I brought some neat 2nd hand music songbooks....

    To attempt to play on my piano, from folk songs, to west end classics such as Les Miserables and West side story (two of my favourites), I can just about read music, and also play the guitar, so i'm hoping to do the chords with my left hand, and the melody with my right. Plus i already know the...
  28. lueVelvet

    Favorite Punk Band/Songs...

    So there's a colorful thread about peoples favorite metal song... Post your favorite metal songs here... | The MMA Community Forum So I figured I would start something similar but for a genre that is much closer to my heart, Punk Rock. Of course everyone has different tastes for any genre so I...