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  1. Super Dave

    Cinema The Umbrella Academy Season 2

    Premiere date has been revealed.
  2. Super Dave

    First Iron Fist and now Luke Cage

    Netflix has now cancelled Luke Cage as well. It seems suspicious. I can understand cancelling Iron Fist due to how poorly it did as far as reviews but I thought Luke Cage was well received. Maybe I'm wrong?
  3. MachidaKarate

    General Hold the Dark - upcoming Netflix nature thriller with Westworld's Jeffrey Wright

    Looks cool. From the director of Blue Ruin and Green Room. View:
  4. Super Dave

    Cinema Stranger Things Season 3

    First trailer has surfaced. Potential spoilers involved. View:
  5. black lives matter

    Cinema Safe (netflix) - harlan coben thriller

    99% of what I read is high fantasy, but occasionally I bust through harlan coben thrillers Maybe I'm biased since his works usually take place in northern jersey, so i dig the locations, businesses, lifestyles, and stereotypes presented. But more than likely, I enjoy his thrillers bc they flow...
  6. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle The rain (Netflix)

    TV show made in Sweden or denmark or some place like that. Basically one day these kids get rushed out of school by thier dad and they run out of the city. News is breaking about deaths nearby and the old man let's off it's to do with the rain, he comes accross as some science nerd. They make...
  7. b00ts

    Cinema Troy: Fall of a City on Netflix

    My friend is mad because Achilles is gay. Dude never actually read the Iliad and thought this was a series adaptation of the movie Troy lmao.
  8. Mix6APlix

    Bare knuckle fight club on Netflix

    Havent watched it yet, no idea what it's about, but if the title is any indicator, it might be worth watching. Will report back.
  9. Jdog93

    Cinema Fastest Car Netflix Series

    View: New series on Netflix pits 3 Sleeper cars ( Unassuming fast car ) vs 1 Super Car in a Quarter mile Drag Race. Every episode shows each drivers story and how their cars are made or bought. All winners go on to a Grand Finale in the Last Episode. Three...
  10. black lives matter

    Cinema Wild Wild Country (NETFLIX)

    whoa... was about to go to sleep, but with episode 2 ending right now, im pushing through for episode 3 so much hatred. im with the rejneeshis so far
  11. black lives matter

    Cinema The Push (NETFLIX)

    wow. good watch. if you got NETFLIX, check it out
  12. Inside Job

    Conor McGregor Notorious on Netflix

    just hit netflix today if you want to check it out. Conor McGregor: Notorious | Netflix
  13. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle LA 92 (Netflix)

    Watching this now. It's pretty fucking crazy. It's about some chap who gets beat up by the police and then there's a big riot. Now the blacks and Koreans are shooting at each other and setting shit on fire. @Banchan you need to watch this shit asap, you will like this
  14. black lives matter

    The Witcher (NETFLIX) spoiler thread

    im doing a re-read of the books, so im gonna start doing history and lore videos. as well as character bios and shit. we don't know when the show takes place or where the show will go. but most likely, a lot of the shit i go over is gonna be stuff we learn in the show. so anything i post here is...
  15. Ryann Von Doom

    General Cloverfield 3: God Particle is being released on Netflix tonight

    Netflix is stealth dropping it after the superbowl tonight. Can't wait! View:
  16. Super Dave

    Cinema Upcoming Netflix releases for sci-fi fans

    I'm a fan of the Blade Runner movies, yes I loved the new one. Netflix has two upcoming releases in February that have a very Blade Runner vibe. The first is a Netflix original movie called Mute from Duncan Jones. It stars Alexander Skarsgård, Seyneb Saleh, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux. The...
  17. Super Dave

    Cinema A Futile and Stupid Gesture

    The story of Doug Kenney and the creation of National Lampoon.
  18. Super Dave

    Cinema Netflix documentary Dope

    A documentary about drugs told from both sides. See drug enforcement and dealers perspective. Pretty interesting. Trailer in the link. BEN REID Writer/Producer/Director - DOPE - NETFLIX documentary telling the story of the EDIT: trailer posted below.
  19. Vagabond

    Cinema Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix Series

    Does anyone watch this? I thought, it was some food show but it's actually a dark comedy about zombies. It's hilarious. Should check it out.
  20. black lives matter

    BRIGHT on Netflix

    was worth the watch. nothing life-changing, but solid movie. not for kids. VERY intense. r-rated language. some nudity in strip club scenes. and very violent major theme is racism. takes places in LA. and had a lot more fantasy elements than i expected (but i enjoyed that)
  21. Daglord

    General Wormwood drops today on Netflix

    Netflix is set to release one the most mysterious, deeply intriguing documentaries of the year. Acclaimed documentarian Errol Morris, behind The Thin Blue Line and The Fog of War, has created Wormwood, where documentary meets scripted miniseries in an attempt to explore the murky history of...
  22. Super Dave

    Jessica Jones Season 2

    Coming March 8th and here's the announcement trailer.
  23. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle Mindhunter (Netflix)

    Good show. Been watching it for about 8 hours today. Basically it's about some guys who are fbi who interview serial killers back in the late 70s and try to understand thier train of thought to solve other crimes. It's building up a bigger story I'm sure but it's very good so far. Also has...
  24. Mix6APlix


    Well, how else do you start off an awesome thread about a show that is hopefully going to be fucking awesome? With a trailer, duh. Can't wait for this!!!!
  25. The EZ Life

    Cinema American Vandal - Netflix

    Mockunentary series about a dude who people think spray painted dicks on 27 of his teachers cars at his high school. View: Enjoying it so far.... although I could enjoy anything with the amount of boredom i am going thru this present moment Let me know whatcha...
  26. Super Dave

    Cinema Lady Gaga documentary

    I'm gaga for Gaga and fairly excited for this.
  27. black lives matter

    Cinema Atypical (on Netflix)

    not really opening up a thread to discuss it per se but just an fyi, i found it REALLY funny. and its cute too father is a dude from good will hunting. son is on the spectrum (high functioning austistic). daughter is badass and funny. and wife does her own thing its 8-30 minutes episodes. so...
  28. Super Dave

    Netflix acquires Millarworld

    Netflix has acquired Mark Millar's Millarworld, the company which owns and organizes the writer's various creator-owned titles The deal will reportedly allow the streaming giant to make "films, series, and kids shows" based on Millar's various properties, and oversee the continued comic book...
  29. Super Dave

    General Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later

    Blew through all 8 episodes last night. I liked it but imo it's the weakest of the three installments. Anyone else?
  30. Super Dave

    Cinema The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

    Netflix has teamed with The Jim Henson Company for a new series. A prequel to the original Dark Crystal.
  31. Yuki Nakai's Eye

    Cinema Netflix series Ozark

    Only one episode in but not bad. I like Esai Morales, dude has been solid since he was in La Bamba with Lou Diamond Phillips.
  32. Madmartigan

    Death Note Trailer - Netflix

  33. nuraknu

    It's Official: Carmen Sandiego Is Getting Her Own Animated Netflix Series I will probably watch at least a couple episodes to evaluate.
  34. Vagabond

    Cinema Louis C. K. Comedy Special on Netflix

    Pretty funny. Check it out if you want some good laughs.
  35. Wild

    Anyone watching The Iron Fist on Netflix; starring Gunnar Nelson?

    Is it a pretty good series?
  36. Report

    Cinema Frontier on NETFLIX

    I saw someone diss this show in another thread. Im part way thru ep 5 of 6, and I dig it Jason momoa (khal drogo) is a pretty badass character called declan harp It's six 46-min episodes, so season 1 is only 4.5 hours. Anyone else like it?
  37. Vagabond

    Cinema Metallica - Some Kind of Monster on NETFLIX

    highly recommend
  38. Super Dave

    Cinema Stranger Things Season 2

    Season 2 trailer coming during the Super Bowl (not sure when the Super Bowl is). LOOK: Stranger Things Announces Super Bowl Trailer with New Season 2 Photo
  39. Super Dave

    Riverdale - Anyone watching?

    Just saw the first episode on Netflix. Not bad for a show targeted for teens. I don't have much history with Archie and company other than a few issues of the relaunch from Mark Ward and Fiona Staples, pretty good series of you haven't read, so I can't compare the show to previous Archie. So...
  40. Super Dave

    The Defenders

    Marvel is slowing building it's cast so far for its superhero team-up show. Nothing too surprising so far as most announcements have been through secondary charcaters of its previous shows. A Classic Comic Book DEFENDER Joins Netflix Series, Two More Added The last few characters announced...