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  1. The Sound of Violence

    Jake Ellenberger & his podcast cohost owe their producer $6000

    This is an insane story and I'm amazed I haven't heard it talked about anywhere. Vicky Pezza has produced a number of big podcasts like The Naughty Show with Sam Tripoli, Tell 'Em Steve Dave, and Rutten and Ranallo. Jake Ellenberger and his cohost Jon Orlando hired Vicky and Lee Syatt (producer...
  2. TheCompleteKO

    VID Interview with Bellator Prospect Nainoa Dung - Bellator 213/Multi-Fight Deal

    TMMAC, I had a great interview with new Bellator prospect Nainoa Dung. He is coming off a third-round victory over Kona Oliveira at Bellator 213. With that victory, he earned a new multi-fight contract with Bellator. It is actually very impressive looking at the list of prospects at Bellator...
  3. TheCompleteKO

    Interview with TUF Undefeated Winner Mike Trizano - Talks Win over Luis Pena

    TMMAC, Let me firstly put a disclaimer that this interview was done a few weeks back. Anyways, I had the opportunity to talk with Mike Trizano promptly after this win over Luis Pena. He is a pretty down-to-earth guy, who is mostly a hard working guy who doesn't take no for an answer. We were...
  4. TheCompleteKO

    Interview with Newly Signed UFC Flyweight Prospect Sabina Mazo

    TMMAC, I had the opportunity to sit down with Sabina Mazo. For those who don't know, she is only 21 years old, 6-0 MMA, former LFA Flyweight Champion. Last week she got signed by the UFC. In truth, this is one fighter to look out for. Currently training out of KINGS MMA, she has shown...
  5. TheCompleteKO

    VID Elias Theodorou Drops his Pants, Talks Medical Cannabis and Eryk Anders Ahead of UFC 231

    TMMAC, I know. I posted twice with my own content and haven't been active on other peoples forums. I get it. But I do only post here, and Sherdog. ANYWAYS. IF you have been following me since I started in September, then even my biggest hater can appreciate the fact that I got to cover my...
  6. TheCompleteKO

    MMA Journalist James Lynch Joins the Complete Knockout

    Let me know what you think of this episode with James. Had a great time!
  7. TheCompleteKO

    How Much do UFC Fighters Get Paid? Podcast with FrankieNYC

    TMMAC, I recently was joined by numbers wizard @FrankieNYC on my podcast to discuss the numbers side of MMA. The full episode can be found on my YouTube, but here is a clip of how much do Fighters get paid in UFC/Bellator respectively. Show some love, and please provide some feedback on how to...
  8. TheCompleteKO

    Which is the Better Fight to Make for Khabib

    TMMAC, Quick and easy question. Khabib vs Conor 2 Pros: - Marketability - Profit for fighters/UFC - Bad Blood involved - Striker vs Grappler Classic Cons: - Don't really need to see it after dominant victory - Conor isn't in line to fight for a Title again - Khabib already defended his honor...
  9. TheCompleteKO

    Now That Diaz vs Dustin is Off

    On my YouTube channel I posted a video how I personally said that Nate Diaz vs Dustin was one of the worst match-making decisions UFC has made based on these (few) reasons: - Nate was arguably at that time the 2nd most marketable fighter (Before 229 and after Conor) - Dustin is a legit...
  10. TheCompleteKO

    The Complete Knockout Podcast #1 - With CashTyreef

    Disclaimer - I am posting this here because the whole topic is on the Bellator events Hi TMMAC, The Complete Knockout has been releasing clips/videos for about a month now. Today we're proudly releasing the first episode featuring another YouTuber who focuses on MMA as well. The topics we...
  11. The Sound of Violence

    VID Live Now: JRE MMA Show Ep. 39 w/ Donald Cerrone

    Edit: The version below has 30 minutes edited out of it by Jamie after the fact. PM if you want more info
  12. D

    mma ratings podcast 96 cyborg v nunes ufc lincoln and more

    View: https://soundcloud.com/mmaratings/ufc-lincoln-michael-chandler-bellator-mma-news-mma-ratings-podcast-episode-96 … 5:40 John Lineker 6:40 Neil Magny 16:30 Micheal Chandler push compared to Pitbull Bros 20:55 Disc Chandler in depth 25:00 cyborg v nunes 34:00 the reality of nunes being...
  13. FrankieNYC

    Jericho podcast with Cody & The Bucks

    Talk Is Jericho clips - Omny.fm It is amazing Give it a listen at All In with Cody and The Young Bucks - Talk Is Jericho - Omny.fm Cody and The Young Bucks are “All In” and spreading the word! Not that they need help. Their upcoming pay-per-view event did sell out the Sears Centre in Chicago...
  14. MachidaKarate

    General The RFK Tapes - New podcast probes the Robert Kennedy assassination for conspiracy

    Anyone heard of this podcast? I'm about three episodes in and it's pretty good so far. I know very little about Robert Kennedy but apparently some important people who knew him arrived at the conclusion that there was a second gunman involved in his shooting. If this sounds like history just...
  15. FrankieNYC

    DC on Stone Cold Podcast

    This should be pretty good. Austin is a surprisingly great podcaster Dual UFC Champ Daniel Cormier Daniel Cormier is the reigning UFC Light Heavyweight champion AND the reigning UFC Heavyweight champion, having just recently beaten Stipe Miocic for that title. DC joins Steve for this episode to...
  16. D

    mma ratings podcast 91

    View: https://soundcloud.com/mmaratings/ufc-226-ufc-boise-bellator-202-mma-news-mma-ratings-podcast-episode-91 3:17 - Disc DC/his options 16:15 Stipe/his options 21:21 Stipe/DC analysis 30:10 Ngannou/Lewis 45:55 Disc felder/perry (perry options) 53:17 Pettis/Chisea 1:05:00 Costa/Hall (Costa...
  17. The Sound of Violence

    VID Live Now: JRE MMA Show Ep. 35 w/ Israel Adesanya

    Only caught a few minutes of it so far, but it seems like it's going to be a great ep
  18. D

    mma ratings podcast 89

    View: https://soundcloud.com/mmaratings/mma-news-and-more-mma-ratings-podcast-episode-89 1:31- retirement of evans-hendricks-koscheck (analysis of skills, career, impact of sport) 24:03 lyoto to bellator 27:27 DAZN-how it impacts bellator/fans 35:20 Contenders Series- 40:17 eye/rose...
  19. D

    mma ratings podcast

    View: https://soundcloud.com/mmaratings/mma-news-and-new-fights-mma-ratings-podcast-episode-83 3:05-recap/discuss mir v fedor 8:00-discuss fedor 11:00-frank mir & the bellator hw division 15:00-Dillon Danis 23:50-Lovato jr & Gerald Harris 29:26 Emmanuel Sanchez 32:15-Mackenzie Dern...

    Corey Turner Go fund me (first podcast guest)

    Dude is having a hard time recovering from a lacerated pancreas that he suffered in his LFA 36 bout. He gave us time for our first interview during his fight week, so I want to share for those that have the ability to give. Coast 2 Coast Combat Hour Episode #1 | TMMAC - The MMA Community Forum...
  21. The Sound of Violence

    Bas Rutten on JRE Today

    Dangity Dangity Dang!
  22. The Sound of Violence

    Josh Gross, Jeff Sherwood & TJ De Santis released free mma podcast content this week

    TJ De Santis (semi-formerly of Sherdog) has a patreon where he is continuing a number of his previous mma podcasts as well as a few new ones. Every episode they posted this week was 100% free and you don't need to sign up to listen. If you haven't caught their recent shows, especially Collapsed...
  23. Bob Carson MMA

    New Podcast: UFC Decline, UFC 223 and Shannon Ritch.

    On this episode of Carson's Corner, I discuss why I think the UFC is in decline, preview UFC 223, and interview a man with 228 fights, Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch. Ritch and I discuss his up-coming rematch with Liu Wenbo, his bareknuckle boxing match in the UK. Shannon has turned Melvin...
  24. Blubba Jenkins

    Bloody Elbow podcast on Rogan and Schaub being "racists" - Eugene S. Robinson

    This is a legit source & growing sentiment by the MMA media. Please do not delete. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MNayzJ9WWA View: https://twitter.com/eugeneSrobinson/status/980481649233154048
  25. D

    mma ratings podcast - Discuss UFC Welterweight Division

    View: https://soundcloud.com/mmaratings/ronda-rousey-ufc-welterweight-division-mma-news-mma-ratings-podcast-episode-80
  26. The Sound of Violence

    VID LIVE NOW: JRE MMA Show Ep. 18 with Pat Miletich

    Joe's been getting some solid guests for the mma show really digging it lately. Also for anyone interested Pat also has a conspiracy podcast that's...interesting.
  27. Inside Job

    Yoel Romero with Joey Diaz Podcast

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNMSepmQHRw love his voice
  28. The Sound of Violence

    Co Main Event Podcast Drinking Game for Pride FC Final Conflict 2005

    Ben Folkes and Chad Dundas are hosting a Co Main Event Podcast Drinking Game for Pride FC Final Conflict 2005 live at 7pm pacific tonight. Should be hilarious especially if you heard the last time they did a drinking game episode (Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 55 (6/11/13)) The show is only...
  29. D

    mma ratings podcast 77 -review ufc emmett v stephens - preview ufc 222

    View: https://soundcloud.com/mmaratings/jon-jones-and-ufc-222-mma-ratings-podcast-episode-77 we recap/analyze ufc emmett v stephens -torres v andrade-osp v latifi-perry v griffin-reaneau v mcmann - hill v moroz we preview/breakdown ufc 222 yana v cyborg-ortega v edgar- dern v yoder -...
  30. SlapheadGiraffe

    UFC Commentator John Gooden on our podcast

    John talks death threats, the amount of research he had to do, the most famous person he has in his phone book and much more. A great guest! iTunes: Slap head and the Giraffe by Chris and Darren on Apple Podcasts Android: View: https://slapheadandthegiraffe.podbean.com/e/episode-143-john-gooden/
  31. The Sound of Violence

    VID MMA Podcast Thread

    What up errbody. I've run across fantastic mma podcast episodes that I've wanted to post, but I didn't want to flood the board with a wall of them so I've decided to start a thread where people can post great mma podcasts that they want to get the word out about as they're released. Feel free to...
  32. SlapheadGiraffe

    Cage Warriors boss Graham Boylan on our podcast

    Really enjoyed chatting to Graham. He told us the next 4 CW stars he expects to sign for the UFC (Conor was champ before signing) and much more. We actually had a great line too so sound is spot on. Hope you enjoy it! Episode 138 with @CageWarriors boss @GrahamBoylan is now live! Sponsored...
  33. SC MMA MD

    Listen Fear and Courage podcast

    A friend and training partner of mine just started a podcast that you guys should give a listen to. He is a retired infantry captain and West Point graduate who decided to start this podcast to give veterans and first responders a place to tell their stories. In his words: “The Fear and Courage...
  34. The Sound of Violence

    Dan Hardy's New Podcast "Full Reptile Radio"

    He just posted his first ep on Tuesday. It's only 11 minutes or so, but he gives his thoughts on the Stephens vs Choi card from last weekend and explains what the show will be about. It's not up on iTunes yet, but it sounds like it's waiting to get approved so it should be in there by the end of...