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  1. TheEmperorRises

    Cris Cyborg says UFC matchmaking is ‘all politics,’ she’s open to other promotions in the future

    It sounds like Cris Cyborg is frustrated with the state of things in the UFC right now. The women’s featherweight champion last competed at UFC 222 in March, knocking out Yana Kunitskaya in the main event. That win looked likely to set up a champion vs. champion superfight with bantamweight...
  2. Truck Party

    General 10 important things to ask on first dates

    I've seen @MC Gusto & a few others be very ineffective in trying to turn this forum into a leftwing blog with new topics about every trivial thing that devout liberals might want to write a letter to the editor about, but I'm more woke than them, & quite possibly more persuasive. I want to get...
  3. Wild

    Roy Nelson got tired of UFC politics: Their title belts 'don't mean (expletive)'

    Before joining Bellator, Nelson said he was experiencing the type of feeling lot of people who spend long enough in the same workplace can relate to: as if he was just time-punching. While some deterioration is to be expected in an eight-year relationship, Nelson has some specific gripes with...
  4. Haulport

    UFC/Sports Fans Political Leanings - Chart

    Interesting little chart. Notice how close UFC and WWE fans are on the chart. I have always said MMA fans are more wrasslin' fans than sports or combat sports fans..........
  5. Lord Vutulaki

    General Australian politics

    @JohnyHendricksBeard Im not sure if our internet is censored but if it is id be surprised. We do miss out on a lot of netflix movies "in this region" but I can watch incest porn on pornhub no probs if thats what you mean?
  6. Freeloading Rusty

    General Canadian Politics eh.

    A thread for Canadian politics. A catch all thread for Canadian topics, mostly politics. Serious discussions preferred. Now, talk amongst yourselves...
  7. Yuki Nakai's Eye

    Personal I used to think XYZ comedian was funny then he started talking politics

    I've been seeing these comments a lot around the interwebz. "Louis CK or Bill Burr used to be funny then they started talking about politics and I think they are horribly unfunny." Why can't people divorce the two? I can appreciate someone's comedy or athleticism or whatever it is and just...
  8. b00ts

    General Can you filter out the categories from even showing up?

    I would like to not even see "Society". With the influx of uninformed dimwits, people that seem to think they are way more informed than they are, doom and glooms, and the overall general misery that has taken over some people's lives because of the political climate of the world, I'd like to...
  9. Atto

    General The most cultured people in the world and the worst

    Japanese are the best cultured and Brazilian the worst .. ( not sure about Brazil its just what i see on liveleak) ohh waity wait .. Chinese has to be the worst cultured ever to graze the planet earth.
  10. canofsticks

    Re: Liberal Butthurt

    FRAT and fair warning, I'm gonna go full on rainbow all over you guys. So prepare the ass-blasting rainbows, gents! Its wonderful that people were invested in this election. We had two very different candidates who represented two very different things. A very loud, and angry population went...
  11. Porkchop

    Trump Accuses Clinton of Using PED's

    "I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate," Trump said during a rally here. "Because I don't know what's going on with her, but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end it was like, huff, take me down. She could barely reach her...
  12. Bryant Maness

    Trump wins Nevada..

    And supposedly gets 41% or so of the hispanic vote. Amazing stuff this election year. If Sanders or Trump actually wins.. this country is going to change in a drastic way. Unbelievable.