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  1. Super Dave

    Cinema True Detective Season 3

    IIIIIIIIIIt's cooooooming!
  2. Super Dave

    Cinema Stranger Things Season 3

    First trailer has surfaced. Potential spoilers involved. View:
  3. Simpleman

    General Mr robot season 3

    Holy crap this show is good but soooo confusing. Slight spoiler but I think there might be time travel in this show.
  4. Priziesthorse

    Cinema The Leftovers season 3

    The best show on tv returns Sunday night. View: Prepare to feel awful in the most wonderful way possible. Get hype!
  5. Priziesthorse

    General Rick and Morty Season 3

    Just realized they released the first episode early for April Fools. Be back in 20.
  6. Super Dave

    General Season 3 jerks!

    Rick and Morty has entered production for season 3. View: Rick and Morty S3 Enters Production, Cartoon Network Rickrolls Fans
  7. Super Dave

    Star Wars Rebels Season 3

    Trailer for the new season is out. Coming this fall. Thrawn!!!!