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  1. Vagabond

    Cinema Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Amazon TV Series

    Starring that one dude from the show The Office, he was a badass in the movie, 13 Hours also the Black cop from The Wire, the one who was fat and played lacrosse almost done with the 1st season and pretty good so far
  2. The Sound of Violence

    What's up with Contender Series Brazil?

    There are 3 cards scheduled for today, tomorrow, and Saturday that are supposed to take place at the TUF gym, but I haven't heard anything about them aside from the bout orders. Anyone know if they are going to be streamed or heard any recent info on them?
  3. TheEmperorRises

    Bellator MMA sign 22 new European fighters ahead of localised six-event series in UK and Ireland

    Mixed martial arts organization Bellator MMA has upped its game in Europe by signing 22 new fighters to its roster, as it gears up for a newly-created, localised six-event series in the UK and Ireland, in the twelve months from October/November 2018. Following Bellator’s plan to build a...
  4. Super Dave

    Deadly Class: TV series

    San Diego Comic Con held a panel for the upcoming series and showed a new trailer. For those unaware, Deadly Class is based on a comic book by Rick Remender and Wes Craig. It takes place in the 80's and revolves around a private school for assassins.
  5. FrankieNYC

    General Wentworth - Australian TV Series

    Anybody a fan Its Orange Is the New Black but gritty & not funny This season is kicking ass If you can track it down, try it from Season 1 Frankie Doyle is a great character View:
  6. The Sound of Violence

    Contender Series Season 2 debuts Tuesday

    "Returning this summer, the show will air on UFC Fight Pass and will include live fights between up-and-comers looking to break into the UFC and occasionally, veterans who are fighting to stay or return to the world’s largest MMA promotion. These fighters will fight in the “TUF Gym” in Las...
  7. Onetrickpony

    Rich Franklin Warrior Series

    I didn’t realize this was a thing and completely missed the first season. Here’s the first episode of the second season and it’s pretty good.
  8. TheEmperorRises

    Bellator to build Western Europe-focused MMA series in 2019

    View: LONDON – U.K. fans who’ve missed out on live Bellator action will soon get their very own fight series. Next year, the Viacom-owned promotion will hold six to eight events in the U.K. and other Western European countries that will air live on U.K. network...
  9. MovinOn

    Greg Hardy reportedly signed to Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series

    The UFC will take a serious look at signing former NFL defensive lineman Greg Hardy to an exclusive contract this summer. Hardy, 29, has booked a heavyweight fight on June 12, on the "Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series," sources said. It will mark Hardy's professional MMA debut. He has...
  10. Jdog93

    Cinema Fastest Car Netflix Series

    View: New series on Netflix pits 3 Sleeper cars ( Unassuming fast car ) vs 1 Super Car in a Quarter mile Drag Race. Every episode shows each drivers story and how their cars are made or bought. All winners go on to a Grand Finale in the Last Episode. Three...
  11. peter_weyland

    VID UFC Series Finale

    Via Reddit:
  12. Zeph

    VID If the UFC had a series ending...

  13. The Sound of Violence

    Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series Returning in June

    "Returning this summer, the show will air on UFC Fight Pass and will include live fights between up-and-comers looking to break into the UFC and occasionally, veterans who are fighting to stay or return to the world’s largest MMA promotion. These fighters will fight in the “TUF Gym” in Las...
  14. Zeph

    Cinema Amazon to adapt Culture Series by Iain M. Banks to TV

    Dennis Kelly set to write the series, Plan B to produce The Culture, a fictional interstellar utopian society from author Iain M. Banks is being adapted for television for the first time, to come to life exclusively on Prime Video SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 21, 2018-- (NASDAQ...
  15. Passive Jay

    General Did I post these yet? starting a youtube series

    I thought I posted this when I started last week but I could not find anything. I had posted before that I just got a new guitar. I have decided to start a youtube series about how you can learn to play guitar without spending a lot of money. Its called Rocking for Cheap and I have 2 episodes...
  16. peter_weyland

    Cinema Cobra-Kai: The Series

    I'm cautiously optimistic!
  17. Mix6APlix

    General Cubbernaughts world series thread!!!!

    Source: Cubs land Darvish for $126M deal It has begun...
  18. Vagabond

    Cinema Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix Series

    Does anyone watch this? I thought, it was some food show but it's actually a dark comedy about zombies. It's hilarious. Should check it out.
  19. Wild

    VID UFC 25th Anniversary Series Press Conference (Live Now)

  20. Super Dave

    Cinema John Wick spin-off TV series

    The John Wick spin-off TV series has been greenlit on Starz. Keanu is attached and will potentially guest star. 'John Wick' TV Series in the Works at Starz (With Keanu Reeves Attached)
  21. Wild

    Cinema Rate these series

    Sopranos (3) Breaking Bad (1) Game of Thrones (2) The Wire (4) Deadwood (5) My ratings in parentheses. And what other series would you recommend binge watching? Better Call Saul comes to mind. Heard Narcos is good.
  22. Rambo John J

    General HBO Guy Fawkes mini series

    View: @Miami Size Queen are you wet yet son?
  23. Wild

    VID UFC 217 Embedded - All Episodes

  24. Atto

    Cinema Which TV series to watch

    Fucking game of thrones is over , before that @Splinty suggested "The man in high castle" which was quite good. My clone @Readily Formed Voltron suggested 2 series which sucked. It could be from years ago too .
  25. Masato Toys

    General REVENGE of KILLARY CLINTON (web comic series) All Episodes

    Hey all I thought I shared this already here at the MMAC, but I couldn't find any threads so maybe I didn't... (?) Anyways, NEW EPISODE 4 is up!!! :D :D :D Here are the 1st three if you need catching up: Please enjoy responsibly EPISODE 1:
  26. C

    Breaking Down Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series, Season 1

    As before, these statistics are observations and not representative of anything other than the entirety of Season 1 of DWTNCS. With only 40 fights, there's only so much you can glean from them. If you like what you see here, follow me on twitter at @jaypettry, I collect stats and data from every...
  27. Zeph

    VID Mayweather vs McGregor Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 1

  28. D241

    General Remember the 14yr old who pretended to be 12 for little league world series?

    View: I blame the dad, coach, and partially also blame the "kid". While the kid didn't come up with the idea, while he was young and influenced, he still "knew" he was not 12 but the other kids were, and went along with it.
  29. IschKabibble

    General Another Dirty Room (YouTube Series)

    This is from the guy that also does the dead mall series. How are places like this allowed to stay open?
  30. Yuki Nakai's Eye

    Cinema Netflix series Ozark

    Only one episode in but not bad. I like Esai Morales, dude has been solid since he was in La Bamba with Lou Diamond Phillips.
  31. Wild

    Dana White's Contender Series: Week 2 - Live Discussion 7/18/17

    Reserved for live discussion. This thread will auto refresh for our members on fight night.
  32. Wild

    Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series - Episode 1 (8pm ET tonight)

    . Main Card (Live on UFC Fight Pass, 8:00 PM ET) Matt Bessette vs. Kurt Holobaugh Greg Rebello vs. Azunna Anyanwu Boston Salmon vs. Ricky Turcios Charles Byrd vs. Jamie Pickett Joby Sanchez vs. Manny Vazquez
  33. Cody

    Snoop Dogg to commentate for 'Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series' on UFC Fight Pass

    Rap superstar and longtime fight fan Snoop Dogg will soon be calling live fights on UFC Fight Pass. Snoop will sit alongside 2017 UFC Hall of Fame inductee Urijah Faber for an alternate audio feed of the soon-to-debut “Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series,” which kicks off on July 11...
  34. Lord Vutulaki

    General Street wars series - Gang vs Gang

    Hells Angels vs the Crips Setting - Basketball court in some California prison Weapons - Standard prison weapons Numbers - Equal Issue- Big Al sold T-Money's pork chop Who wins?
  35. Priziesthorse

    Cinema Watchmen tv series coming to HBO

    Damon Lindelof Is Developing A Proper 'Watchmen' Series For HBO I'd post in Geek Haven but it's too weird for me in there. Damon Lindelof, the GOAT, son of New Jersey, fresh off finishing the greatest show ever, The Leftovers, will be developing the series. It's in good hands.
  36. nuraknu

    It's Official: Carmen Sandiego Is Getting Her Own Animated Netflix Series I will probably watch at least a couple episodes to evaluate.
  37. Super Dave

    General Minorty Report - tv series.

    Just finished the first season on Netflix. The show itself is okay but my god that Meagan Good!
  38. Super Dave

    Jack is back!

    Samurai Jack returns with season 5 on March 11th. Samurai Jack's Premiere Date Announced