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  1. Super Dave

    Cinema Stranger Things Season 3

    First trailer has surfaced. Potential spoilers involved. View:
  2. leftlegcemetery

    General Anyone else binging on stranger things 2?

    Hope it's as good as the first!!
  3. peter_weyland

    Cinema STRANGER THINGS 2 is almost here

    Here are the trailers, the full trailer blew my mind. Genius to use Thriller... Teaser Trailer 1 "Thriller" Trailer 2 - Final Trailer
  4. Super Dave

    Cinema Stranger Things Season 2

    Season 2 trailer coming during the Super Bowl (not sure when the Super Bowl is). LOOK: Stranger Things Announces Super Bowl Trailer with New Season 2 Photo
  5. Super Dave

    Stranger Things

    Anybody watching/watched this one yet?