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  1. M

    Let's create a TMMAC World Jiu Jitsu Rankings

    I would like to create a rankings list of the top gi and no gi competitors in the world based on more than the IBJJF rankings (although I will consider them in the rankings).... Not many websites have a BJJ ranking (other than the IBJJF and FloGrappling.... Which I won't pay $12.50 a month to...
  2. LawFitz

    TMMAC Store Down?

    The TMMAC products link doesn't seem to be working today. Thoughts? @Splinty @Wild

    General Official TMMAC 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    $10 per team winner take all 12 or 14 team league depending on sign ups Signed up 1- @MMAHAWK 2- Donkey Nation 3- @Wild 4- wild wife 5- @HEATH VON DOOM 6- @ShatsBassoon 7- @True Belieber 8- @conor mcgregor nut hugger 9- @Bozy 10- @Juanandonly 11- @Hauler 12- my Homey, played last year 13-...
  4. 1

    General TMMAC Mods

  5. LawFitz

    TMMAC MagWar Draft/Preseason Reviews

    Preseason 2018 TMMAC MagWar Reviews - Note - Q1: Aug-Oct, Q2: Nov-Jan, Q3: Feb-Apr, Playoff Quarter: May-July (See full draft results below) @LawFitz I'll start with my own team. I think McG has a great shot at beating Khabib, but I'm in the minority. Cyborg's contract also a hinge. Great if...
  6. 1

    General How most TMMAC arguments go

    This Can't Be Real: Exchange Between Gas Station Employee and Angry Customer Over Hot Dogs! | Video
  7. Dat Pre-HollyHolm Ronda $

    TMMAC Guide: How To See Some Super Cool Astronomy Shit For Dummies

    How To See Some Super Cool Astronomy Shit For Dummies. Narrated by yours truly... View: Forgot to add if you have binoculars you'll be able to see Jupiter's moons and Saturn's rings. If not you can still see the planets with the naked eye #AstroNerdsRule
  8. The Sound of Violence

    Fantasy MMA (MagWar) TMMAC Alphas Season 2

    Hey everybody since season 1 of our Magwar league ends in July I wanted to start signups for the second season. @LawFitz was generous enough to provide us with a promo code and set me as Commissioner so I'm getting things in order for our first event of Season 2 to begin at UFC 227 on August 4th...
  9. peter_weyland

    TMMAC rashguard?

    I was thinking, for those who like to drop in at grappling, striking, or judo gyms while traveling it would be cool to have a TMMAC rashguard to wear. You never know when you're going to run into someone from the forum, and flying that flag might help us recognize each other. I can work up some...
  10. Sex Chicken

    NSFW TMMAC Silk Road

    Hey TMMAC, I've had this business idea for awhile now, and I think it's time to launch phase 1. I want to make this thread on open market for all of type of illegal goods and services. Sellers post what your offering, and buyers contact the sellers via PM. It's all highly illegal but very...
  11. FrankieNYC

    Curious what made you migrate to TMMAC?

    Where did you come from & why? I was invited by a former SD mod, that thought my info would be good here & e-intro'd me to Wild. I posted a few times & then got busy doing some MMA related media, but Wild & I kept in touch by Twitter. I would give props & retweets to here when i could (even if...
  12. Jehannum

    TMMAC Monopoly Board Game

    The Fast-Moving Pointless Shit-Posting Game (TMMAC Monopoly Board Game) CURRENT FEATURES (and there are some details I'm not going to reveal yet) NEW & CHANGED TILES 32 Streets (up from 22) 1 Extra tile row (Adds strategy) 4 Stations (for switching rows) 4 Roundabouts (for switching rows) 8...
  13. Yuki Nakai's Eye

    Personal Attn TMMAC Docs - diagnose me

    For the past couple of weeks pretty much daily but intermittently throughout the day I get this weird heartburn, it’s pain in the chest but it starts in the back of the throat and bilateral jaw - back of the jaw near the TMJ. I’ve already run through the common sense causes and cures: 1.) stop...
  14. Sex Chicken

    General All 2,815 TMMAC Members Ranked in Order

    I'm going to count down each and every member of the TMMAC Forum from the worst to the best all the way from 2,815 down to #1. Every Wednesday I'll rank the next member. Let's get started! #2,815 - @conor mcgregor nut hugger #2,814 - Tune in next week!
  15. nuraknu

    Monster's Pick 'em Championship Season 18 *FIRST EVENT FRI JUNE 1*

    This is a friendly prediction game with a seasonal league format, started by @Zeph and named in honour of the late Kevin 'Monster' Randleman. ***If you've never played before, you don't have to do anything to join except post your picks to this thread using the template for the upcoming event...
  16. kneeblock

    Sci/Tech Ok TMMAC, Laurel or Yanny

    The biggest debate since the stupid dress that shows life's relativity. Where do you come down?
  17. 1

    General TMMAC Meet up

    Who's in? @Sex Chicken ?
  18. Ted Williams' head

    General Does TMMAC need to "unionize"?

    Seems like there's a lot of drama about posters being pinked/banned, or getting angry with a decision and leaving. I wonder if it would be more productive if there was a "rep" who could plead the case of a poster if they disagree with a mod decision. So instead of having two guys angrily...
  19. Dat Pre-HollyHolm Ronda $

    Fighter Bashing: (TMMAC) WE Can Do Better

    Fighter Bashing: There was an earlier post regarding the sillyness of people who don't even fight themselves calling a fighter a bitch or a pussy. I agree thats pretty silly Going further I think we can do better as a group to bring a bit more positivity to this board. I haven't been here the...
  20. ShatsBassoon

    General TMMAC Greatest Posers

    I am not very familiar with all the posers here. Who are the TMMAC top 5 posers?
  21. Inside Job

    General This is for you TMMAC

  22. Kid

    General TMMAC Greatest Posters?

    I am not very familiar with all the posters here. Who are the TMMAC top 5 posters?
  23. Sex Chicken

    General Official TMMAC Theme Song

    @Splinty can we please make this song auto play whenever people log on? View:
  24. conor mcgregor nut hugger

    Personal So Long Gay Boys! Have to Take a Short Break from TMMAC, bros

    I picked up an extra shift at work 3 days a week (Tues-Thurs) starting tomorrow. It lasts for at least 5 weeks. Including travel time (short drives to 2 diff offices), I'll be working about 14 hours a day every week on those days. The good news of course is that I'll be making more money, but...
  25. M

    General Hypothetical TMMAC Meet-up Event

    As I sit here, getting wrapped after a long weekend of events (Between coaching my team at NAGA, and managing events related to the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and other events)... My last group was a bunch of people from across the US, and truth is, none of these people look like they should be...
  26. MovinOn

    Personal TMMAC philosophy 101

    Just some random musings. Feel free to add your own existential questions... Let's say @conor mcgregor nut hugger got his hands on @Weidman's right nut, would he gnaw on him, store him in his cheek, or pass him up for a better quality nut because all Florida nuts are really that damn good? Do...
  27. black lives matter

    Personal Missy Cat - hi TMMAC

    hey LMR. im posting here. last time i posted a drunk on the other place people left LOL. i dont need an more embarassmwent. so here;s my take on tonight (i said hello to you and jdog at the VERY end if you want to skuip whatever i rambled about lol) @Missy Cat
  28. Dick Niaz

    General Congratulations TMMAC

    I decided to re-order the internet bookmarks on my computer and TMMAC has been placed at the top in the #1 spot. Enjoy this moment everyone. You earned this. Well done. "
  29. peter_weyland

    General Does this TMMAC T-Shirt exist?

    It should. What names would you put in?
  30. benjo0101

    General TMMAC does Zwift

    Anyone use it on here? We could make a team... I think that's a thing. If you have to google it you aint into it.
  31. KWingJitsu

    General Attn: TMMAC Conservatards....

    Are these tools examples of what you fuckos refer to as "sjw libtards"? View: If so, I definitely agree with you. That is all.
  32. SCADA

    General I think TMMAC should follow....

    Make it happen @Splinty
  33. kneeblock

    General How do you refer to people on TMMAC offline?

    Mostly when telling a story or relaying something you heard about on here?
  34. MovinOn

    VID Which TMMAC poster is this? (part 3)

    Someone here send Felice a gift? :D View:
  35. MovinOn

    Lifestyle Which TMMAC poster is this? (Part 2)

    You and your buddies helped raise a lot of money for charity. I salute you, sir! FYI, no need to be so self-conscious about those nipples. ST. JOHN’S, N.L. — A calendar of bearded, mermaid-tailed Newfoundlanders has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for mental health. Last year...
  36. MovinOn

    NSFW Let's talk about that banner image at the top of the TMMAC page

    That one with the snowman wearing the Tito Ortiz "Team Punishment" cap (or toque). It's pretty cool but it's got a Christmas feel to it. Tomorrow is Jan. 12. Time to change that sucker, @Wild @Splinty How democratic a process is the selection of the next image that will go in that space? How...
  37. MovinOn

    NSFW Which TMMAC poster is this?

    I'm not going on a road trip with ya. I know that much.
  38. M

    General Who is putting together the 2017 TMMAC Annual Awards Nomination thread?

    Because I know a few people who need to be nominated for special awards
  39. mfan773

    General Before TMMAC: The Documentary

    Before starting up TMMAC, @Splinty unsuccessfully tried to get famous on Youtube by making this documentary, but the project was unfinished. Shortly after the last take, @Splinty stole the special concoction they made and was to sell it on the streets. Word has it, this is how he started TMMAC...
  40. Wild

    General Merry Christmas TMMAC

    Thanks to all of you that have made the community so awesome. Hope you all enjoy the holidays with friends and family. Be safe out there.