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  1. Bob Carson MMA

    Front Row Brian's Twitter Account Suspended.

    This is a total violation of free speech. I guarantee you someone in the MMA media had a hand in this. Here is the kicker: I don't even like the guy, but I respect someone's right to post what he was posting. Account suspended This account has been suspended. Learn more about why Twitter...
  2. Ted Williams' head

    General Colleges Are Rejecting Applicants Who Follow Controversial People On Twitter

    Shear on Social Media While major Internet platforms are busy silencing Alex Jones of, prestigious colleges are rejecting applicants who connect on social media with him and others with opinions not considered mainstream. We are not talking about applicants who are retweeting...
  3. silentsinger

    Your twitter

    I'm Legz Akimbo. I "like" and retweet everything I see whenever it crops up on my feed. Would you like a serious conversation about this? My husband is a very successful production director and I can wangle myself into most things given my sales career. You're doing fuck all tweeting, let's...
  4. Super Dave

    Society Dan Harmon apologises and quits Twitter after obscene video sketch resurfaces

    Sketch featuring Rick and Morty creator as a baby molester was shared by far-right groups and has gone viral. Dan Harmon, the creator of Community and Rick and Morty, and host of the Harmontown podcast, has deleted his Twitter account and apologised after video emerged of a graphic 2009 sketch...
  5. The Sound of Violence

    IMG/GIF Jeff Novitzky blocked me on Twitter

    Hahaha evidently The Golden Snitch isn't a fan of light criticism against USADA.
  6. Splinty

    NSFW Oh my, the Club Liv Enthusiast was right. Twitter agrees, "Miami is Wild"

    Spring Break WTF This is some New York dude's girlfriend lol: View: People tracked her boyfriend down to give him some moral support: And one of the core vids making its way around NSFW: View...
  7. jimmy boogaloo

    Rochold starts shit with Bisping on twitter

    this was only ever going to go one way. View:
  8. b00ts

    General Who runs the Twitter account?

    Why in the FUCK would you let this secret out?
  9. MovinOn

    Covington scorches Perry and Platinum's girlfriend on Twitter

    Does he know where to draw the line ever? View:
  10. nuraknu

    Conor vs. Max on instagram

    Just saw this, made me smile, that's all View:
  11. conor mcgregor nut hugger

    IMG/GIF DC destroys Gus on Twitter

    So first Gus addressed Luke Rockold on Instagram a few days ago: View: Then DC responded on Twitter about 12 hours ago (remember Gus got knocked out by Rumble before getting a title shot against DC): View...
  12. The Sound of Violence

    Cyborg & Megan Anderson are going at it on Twitter

    Well Megan Anderson and Ray Elbe if we're being honest, which makes zero fucking sense since Ray is also arguing with Nina Ansaroff about whether the Amanda fight is signed. Dude's the fucking worst on her social media.
  13. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle Need a favor (Twitter)

    Tweet @kevin_maguire and tell him he's a cunt and prince Phillip is a national treasure. Thanks
  14. Sex Chicken

    Masvidal Going After Bisping on Twitter

    My money would be on Masvidal.
  15. Wild

    Colby Covington & Chase Sherman Twitter beef

  16. Onetrickpony

    Justin and Eddie twitter talk

    Most respectable season of TUF, insane fight and all class afterwards. I wish more fighters were like this.
  17. Ted Williams' head

    General Black twitter

  18. kneeblock

    Society Outgoing Twitter employee deletes Trump's Twitter

    Clearly angling for the Nobel Peace Prize, an outgoing Twitter customer service rep went rogue and deleted Trumpito's Twitter account yesterday. It was down for approximately 11 minutes before the President threatened to have Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's family shipped to Gitmo at which point the...
  19. kneeblock

    Jon Jones is dropping fire on Twitter

    Just not the Jon Jones we want to hear from. Check out Jon Jones (@jonjones): Jon Jones (@jonjones) | Twitter View:
  20. nuraknu

    Twitter is full of fight announcements this morning

    View: View: View: View: View...
  21. drjones

    General co-worker is getting his job threatened over his twitter account

    a guy i work with follows a bunch of anti-trump people on twitter that are pretty over the top, and you can find his twitter account easily if you know his real name so he doesnt really have any expectation of being anonymous. anyway he re-tweeted some stuff a couple of those people posted (the...
  22. LawFitz

    MagWar on the Twitter

    First off, please allow me to thank the entire TMMAC community and in particular, the mods for allowing MagWar to establish roots here. For those of you who haven't lurked some of our other threads, we're trying to revolutionize Fantasy MMA, by introducing a game that works like traditional...
  23. Ryann Von Doom

    Weidman attacking bisping on twitter

  24. Wild

    Luke Rockhold owning the boiled egg on Twitter

    View: View:
  25. b00ts

    Sci/Tech Third-party Twitter apps for Android?

    Anyone know of any good ones? Prefrences: No ads Free or no more than a couple bucks Shows linked pictures i.e. Instagram pictures Dark theme
  26. M

    Jake Shields KILLING Dillion Danis on Twitter

    I cannot stop laughing at this... View: I can't wait for this match up now
  27. Zeph

    Society Twitter refuses U.S. order to disclose user behind anti-Trump account

    Twitter Inc on Thursday refused to reveal the user behind an account opposed to President Donald Trump's tough immigration policies and said it was challenging the demand for records by the U.S. government in court, according to a lawsuit. The lawsuit over the account @ALT_uscis, claimed to be...
  28. Robbie Hart

    Felder and Diakese talking sh-t on Twitter

    View: This would be a good fight
  29. Wild

    Who has been running War Machine's twitter?

    War Machine (@warmachine170) | Twitter The head picture, all of the religious tweets. I know that shit wasn't like that when he went to jail.
  30. Splinty

    Lifestyle Twitter group plans Atlanta Orgy. Twitter memes take off

    Next through the album then move over to twitter for the #ATLorgy hash View:
  31. BanMe

    The new Twitter and you

    Twitter has decided to change one feature that they have had since its inception. No, not the 140 characters (but that's coming). It's their timeline. How it used to work was you decided whom to follow, and your timeline was everything from everyone you followed in reverse order. They will soon...