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  1. TheCompleteKO

    Looking for Hot Topics for Upcoming Videos

    Hi The MMA Community, The Complete KO has been posting a couple of videos on the forums to gain some traction and to overall present ourselves to true, hardcore MMA fans. We hope you guys have been enjoying our videos, but we are looking to ask: Are there any topics in current MMA you would...
  2. ECC170

    Alexander EMELIENENKO vs Tony Johnson video..

    Thoughts on this decision?
  3. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle Rate the last video game you played / playing.

    Last one I played was Deus ex mankind divided 8/10 Before that was mgs5 38/10 Currently, just started farcry 5 It's 8.5 /10 at least. Very good so far. What u honkies play?
  4. Rambo John J

    VID Gomi vs Guillard Full Fight video

    View: they throw down
  5. Super Dave

    Society Dan Harmon apologises and quits Twitter after obscene video sketch resurfaces

    Sketch featuring Rick and Morty creator as a baby molester was shared by far-right groups and has gone viral. Dan Harmon, the creator of Community and Rick and Morty, and host of the Harmontown podcast, has deleted his Twitter account and apologised after video emerged of a graphic 2009 sketch...
  6. Kaladin Stormblessed

    Cinema my Sandor "The Hound" Clegane video

    not tryna spam the site with my nerdy shit, but i've gotten good feedback on this one, so i figured id share. its long though, so i dont expect everyone or anyone to watch it. all good
  7. Mix6APlix

    Personal Which video game characters were you best with?

    Street Fighter 2: M. Bison. I was godlike and undefeatable. Mortal Kombat: Raiden, see above. Killer Instinct: Jago. I was never able to string together huge combos, but I still usually won.
  8. This Pothead

    General If @OurDarrenShatInMeLezbaru was in a video game

    As one of ( if not) the best posters here in the TMMAC. I wondered if he ever was in a video game how would go down. Fret not TMMAC, I believe I found the dialog he would use. Enjoy.
  9. FrankieNYC

    VID Conor Superfan Video = funniest thing I seen today

    Some serious lol moments ... View:
  10. TheEmperorRises

    UFC 225 weigh-in results and live video stream: Romero heavy on first attempt

    View: The early weigh-ins take place at the UFC host hotel in Chicago and precede the ceremonial weigh-ins for the fans, which take place at 7 p.m. ET at United Center in Chicago. The same venue hosts Saturday’s event, which has a main card on pay-per-view...
  11. Rambo John J

    General Interesting Software

    I think this has been in use for a long time...crime scene video and other "footage" may not be as accurate as we all would like. View:
  12. Nuk Soo Kow

    UFC Fight Night 129 early weigh-in results

    UFC Fight Night 129 Main Event on FOX Sports 1: 170 lbs.: Demian Maia (171) vs. Kamaru Usman (170) UFC Fight Night 129 Main Card on FOX Sports 1: 115 lbs.: Alexa Grasso (115) vs. Tatiana Suarez (115) 205 lbs.: Jared Cannonier (205) vs. Dominick Reyes (205) 135 lbs.: Guido Cannetti (136) vs...
  13. Rambo John J

    Heated WMMA weigh in video...worth a watch IMO

    Pearl Gonzalez vs Barbara Acioly View:
  14. benjo0101

    General Video editing

    I own a gopro. Trying to use it more and get my brain going a bit rather than just wasting my life. The gopro editing software is not only incredibly resource hungry it is almost impossible to use as an actual decent editing suite. Anyone got any ideas for good free to use suites to put...
  15. ECC170

    1 of the best highlight video ever..

    Well done with and the song is unreal by the $uicideboy$- running through the 7th with my woadies..that rotten s.o.b jbj and $B go together like booger sugar and strippers.
  16. Nuk Soo Kow

    VID UFC Atlantic City weigh-in video, results

    In the main event, Edson Barboza and Kevin Lee will have to make the lightweight limit of 155 pounds (with one-pound allowance). The UFC Atlantic City ceremonial weigh-ins will be at 5 p.m. above.
 Main card (FOX Sports 1 at 10 p.m. ET) Edson Barboza (155.6) vs. Kevin Lee () Frankie Edgar...
  17. Mix6APlix

    General God I love video poker

    Turned 5 bucks into over 1200. It's a good day.
  18. Dat Pre-HollyHolm Ronda $

    VID Video of Khabib Before & After Conor Attack

    Found this clip of Khabib and Ali Abdelaziz before, during and after Conor attacked the bus... They were telling the driver to let them out So for people thinking Khabib just hid in the van this clip shows the opposite. (5:05) mark. View:
  19. Jdog93

    General Brasil summed up in one video

  20. Ted Williams' head

    General Hilarious video illustrating what "mansplaining" is

    Get it? This guy is arguing against mansplaining... while he's fucking mansplaining! @KWingJitsu
  21. Mix6APlix

    General Stupid video poker machines.

    I look at the morons that play them, andf giggle. Fucking dummies. But, since I officially retired from golden tee, I decided to drop in a 20. Cashed outforjust over 600 bucks. I have zero idea what's going on. I press the button, bling noise, money. Not a bad night.
  22. Ted Williams' head

    General 80 percent of mass shooters showed no interest in video games, researcher says

    80 percent of mass shooters showed no interest in video games, researcher says They do this shit all the time. In the 50s they wanted to ban rock n' roll and horror comics. Violence and sex in movies. Violent lyrics in rock. Rap music. Video games.... The difference is it was usually...
  23. Gay For Longo

    General tom delong's to the stars releases 3rd ufo video from Pentagon

    The fake alien invasion is on the way guys Please don't fall for it View:
  24. Rambo John J

    General Joey Diaz Funniest Man Alive Video

    LOL this is a good watch...great editing View:
  25. 1

    General Found Throbert on video

    Found the vid @Onetrickpony View:
  26. Haulport

    Ronda Rousey SEX TAPE VIDEO!!!!

    Feast your eyes!
  27. Zeph

    Sci/Tech NASA release time-lapse video of Artic Ice

  28. Mix6APlix

    General Video games that should be remade

    First off, let's get one thing perfectly clear: I FUCKING HATE REMAKES. But there are games of my youth I would love to see rebooted with current graphics and systems. I'm digging deep here, back to the Load"*",8,1 days in some cases. You don't get the reference, I'm not surprised. Youngins...
  29. Splinty

    Listen Thoughts on Drake giving away a million dollars for his new music video?

    View: Does it cheapen the kind acts or bring attention to get others to follow suit?
  30. Wild

    VID Kajan Johnson: Lack of compensation from UFC video game is 'disgraceful'

    View: UFC fighters will not be receiving a check in the mail despite being in the new EA Sports UFC 3 video game. A certain ‘Ragin’ UFC lightweight has a lot to say about that. With EA Sports UFC 3 released last week, UFC...
  31. MovinOn

    VID Floyd Mayweather posts video of himself entering an octagon

    COME GET SOME!!!! View: Is Floyd Mayweather preparing to step in the UFC’s octagon for real? Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped him from teasing it. The idea of Mayweather, an undefeated boxing legend, fighting in the UFC – or...
  32. Gay For Longo

    An important video on the evelotion of sport (boxing)

    Just finished watching this video from one of my favorite youtube boxing channels It deals with boxing but I think the overall message is important for all sports fans to remember It has some incredible highlights and the very end is a small clip from a TEDTalk that will surprise many of you...
  33. Vagabond

    This new Justin Timberlake video...

    Breaking Illuminati?
  34. HulkonViagra

    General You In? (Video)

    Me in the flesh.. View:
  35. 1

    General VL Video player IPTV

    Ok fuckers. Not sure whether for iPhone but works like a dream on Android. Search for VL video player IPTV in Google Play. It actually sends you new playlists everyday for free and they work flawlessly...Fox sports 1 etc...Now most of you know I provide IPTV but this sends you playlists too...
  36. Gay For Longo

    General New Kendrick Video

    I like it, ending the year with good vibes View:
  37. Splinty

    General Nurse shark caught on video biting bride on her honeymoon

    Just a little love bite. A little taste. View: Got any more shark attack videos?
  38. crowbar

    Video says 10 fights that you haven`t seen

    I have not seen 6 of them.How about you guys? View:
  39. Wild

    VID Arianny's new music video