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  1. TheCompleteKO

    The Complete Knockout Podcast #1 - With CashTyreef

    Disclaimer - I am posting this here because the whole topic is on the Bellator events Hi TMMAC, The Complete Knockout has been releasing clips/videos for about a month now. Today we're proudly releasing the first episode featuring another YouTuber who focuses on MMA as well. The topics we...
  2. TheCompleteKO

    Looking for Hot Topics for Upcoming Videos

    Hi The MMA Community, The Complete KO has been posting a couple of videos on the forums to gain some traction and to overall present ourselves to true, hardcore MMA fans. We hope you guys have been enjoying our videos, but we are looking to ask: Are there any topics in current MMA you would...
  3. Wild

    Anyone using YouTube TV on Firestick?

    If so, TME please. Only use a live streaming service during football & basketball season, and it's about that time. Used PS Vue last year and it was fine, but YouTube TV seems to offer a bit more...but i'm curious how it plays with the Firestick.
  4. Splinty

    General I would recommend not dancing around your unconscious patients on youtube if you're a doctor

    'Dancing Doctor' accused of malpractice has medical license suspended Wut the heck was she thinking?? View: Apparently there's some real malpractice injury too (dropped a lung during breast implants supposedly) but beyond that... Why would she record that and...
  5. mysticmac

    General Active shooter at YouTube headquarters

    Police activity at YouTube headquarters in California
  6. ENOCK

    General YouTube bans Firearm Demos

    YouTube Bans Firearms Demo Videos, Entering the Gun Control Debate Fuck Google fuck YouTube! They’ve long been manipulating content such as view counts and likes / dislikes, now they are stepping up their game trying to control content. time To find alternatives... I will no longer...
  7. Gay For Longo

    General YouTube going 1984

    Don't know if people have noticed but YouTube is cracking down hard on conspiracy channels since the Florida shooting A lot small channels have been banned, other bigger channels are getting strikes for old videos and it seems only a matter of time until they are hit Jerome corsi channel...
  8. Passive Jay

    General Did I post these yet? starting a youtube series

    I thought I posted this when I started last week but I could not find anything. I had posted before that I just got a new guitar. I have decided to start a youtube series about how you can learn to play guitar without spending a lot of money. Its called Rocking for Cheap and I have 2 episodes...
  9. Ted Williams' head

    General Mexican YouTube star who told drug lord to 'suck my d**k' is shot 18 times in brutal bar execution

    I'll take "Not Surprised" for 1000, Alex. Mexican YouTuber who told drug lord 'suck my d**k' killed | Daily Mail Online A teenage Mexican YouTube star who insulted a notorious drug lord has been shot dead. Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales posted a video when he was drunk aimed at Nemesio...
  10. Yossarian

    General YouTube plans more people, better algorithms policing content

    10,000 Google staff set to police YouTube content: chief Good? Or the end of Youtube as we know it?
  11. 1

    General YouTube user demonstrates how Facebook secretly listens to you to force ads on to your device

  12. BrunoMcGyver

    General My folks got trolled hard by Youtube.

    So I caught up with my folks today for the first time in a bit. They're 60-something old school Southern Europeans who aren't tech savvy (my mum doesnt even own a mobile phone ffs). My mum only found out about youtube a few months ago and that, along with Netflix (which she also only found out...
  13. The Sound of Violence

    VID Laura Sanko & Megan Anderson's new youtube channel Aussie & Fancy Breakdown

    This is their first video posted today. They're going to be breaking down upcoming fight cards starting with UFC 216 next week. Big fan of both Megan and Laura and I'm definitely looking forward to it.
  14. 1

    General Anyone seen this piece of shit on YouTube?

    Daddyoffive Basically just posts vids of his kids abusing each other. He has just been forced to take all his videos down. An example here View:
  15. The Sound of Violence

    VID Tuff-N-Uff Downtown Showdown Streaming on Youtube Tonight

    Heard on the other forum that someone spoke to Jeff Meyer the CEO of Tuff-N-Uff and they are going to be streaming tonight's event live on youtube. Looks like the event starts around 7pm pacific time. I'll update the OP with the embedded video once it goes live if I'm not already trashed by...
  16. Report

    Cinema director tweeted my youtube video

    not gonna lie...this made my friggen day/week/year? Netflix came out with a new Movie called "The Discovery" I made an analysis video of it. total philosophical mind-bender. i think i did a descent job. at least, i thought so! but i'm already seeing new things and seeing things differently...
  17. AliAlwaeli

    Youtube MMA channel "El-Waeli Productions"

    Dear Members, I have started an MMA youtube channel & I hope you subscribe if you are intrested. I talk about latest MMA news and my take on them, as well as fight analysis. The channel is "El-Waeli Productions" Here are links to the Post-Event Podcast which I host: View...
  18. Caoiltedb


    In April 2016, MMA Latest got the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas Nevada to take a tour around the facility and then talk to some of the pro fighters there about why Xtreme Couture is considered one of the best MMA gyms in the world. Check it out. Be...
  19. onespeedmma

    Youtube Pages

    Do you have a fight breakdown or podcast youtube page? we'd love to use the forum to find more pages to subscribe to from people we actually interact with. Ours is: One Speed MMA Podcast Page: One Speed MMA's Podcast Love the convo and would love to see your hard work!