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  1. Saloth Sar

    Reminder: Dana White didn't run the UFC in the Zuffa era and doesn't run it now

    So I'm seeing a lot of posts again recently that seem to think the fat, bald cocksucker is, and was, anything more than a public stooge for the people that actually make the big decisions. Most of you on some level know this, and yet simultaneously seem to forget it. Critics still fall into the...
  2. FrankieNYC

    Zuffa 2004-2006 financials

    According to an audit (supplied by John Nash) UFC was not in as bad of shape prior to TUF as they claim They lost only $650k in 2004 But what a killer profit year 2006 was They made roughly $42 on every $100, that is an incredible margin & set the tone for profit > pay
  3. Coast

    Zuffa Want Joshua In $500 Million (£350m) Deal to Be Face Of Zuffa Boxing

    GETTY Anthony Joshua could be a UFC star soon. The Ultimate Fighting Championship are looking to extend their brand into boxing and want AJ to be the poster-boy. Dana White, UFC’s president, will attend the title fight between Joshua and Joseph Parker in Cardiff on March 31. Matchroom Boxing...
  4. Saloth Sar

    What's with the Zuffa logo on UFC broadcasts?

    Hai baes, you big silly gooses, I remember there being some discussion the last time it happened but I missed what the answer was. I noticed it once but thought it was just a mistake. But it's clear that it is deliberate. So what's the deal here? Kisses darlings, lordofthepies
  5. Silverball

    Rumor: UFC in talks with China Media Capital, asking $6 billion

    View: https://twitter.com/JESnowden/status/710510170061799424 View: https://twitter.com/JESnowden/status/710514704851058688
  6. FadeToBlack

    Your thoughts on UFC being the #1 org indefinitely

    I see a lot of posts on MMA forums like this one with some hope of Bellator eventually rivaling or overtaking UFC, or ONE FC or some other small promotion. In times like these, I think it's important to have a voice of reason on this MMA forum: Just no. There isn't a viable rival #2 org...