??‍♂️Monster's Pick 'em Championship Season 31 (August 28 - September 25, 2021) ??‍♂️

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Dick Niaz

Yearning for TMMAC days gone by
Jan 14, 2018
Thank you Big Dummy @Chugging Cody’s Cream !!! For all your complaining and lashing out, you did a really nice job communicating, asking for input, and getting scores posted really quickly. Most people may not think very highly of you, but I think you get a bum rap.

Sex Chicken @Never Wrestled I have to admit, I didn't see this happening. I figured you had over-trained in your garage, but really you peaked at the right time. One might chalk it up to luck, but I know your secret.... going vegetarian had you shitting so often that you had plenty of time to do research on the can.

Fun season all! Hopefully one of you lazy fucks steps up and takes the reins to run this tournament so we can keep it going.

Sex Chicken

Exotic Dancer
Sep 8, 2015

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CompetitorsFights Predicted (F)Fights Correct (F)Correct % (F)Fight Points (F)Bonus Points (F)Event 1 (F)Event 2 (F)Event 3 (F)Event 4 (F)Event 5 (F)Event 6 (F)Event 7 (F)Event 8 (F)Event 9 (F)Overall Points (F)
Sex Chicken @Never Wrestled5035707019151927280000089
BeardOfKnowledge @JakePaulsBeard5035707018171628270000088
@conor mcgregor nut hugger5034686818191725250000086
Dick Niaz @Dick Niaz5031626219231123240000081
@Freeloading Rusty5032646416241425170000080
@Chugging Cody's Cream5029585817191320230000075
@Nuk Soo Kow5027545414151320200000068
@This Pothead12650124160000000016


In one of the worst meltdowns in recent history @Freeloading Rusty fumbles at the goal line.
Congrats to Sex Chicken @Never Wrestled on another title. Lord knows the Leafs can"t do it.
The Rest of you can eat shit with @Freeloading Rusty.

Fuck you, I'm out.

Monster's will be on hiatus indefinitely, unless one of you queers wanna do it next season.

@Splinty @Wild @Nuk Soo Kow or @Leigh please strip @Lars of his piss name and crown Sex Chicken @Never Wrestled.
New Season starts today!