‘Jacare’ Souza expects Yoel Romero next, but would face anyone at 185 or 205

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Dec 31, 2014

Ronaldo Souza vs. Yoel Romero was booked for UFC 184and UFC on FOX 15, but fell through both times due to multiple injuries. The promotion didn’t announce the next move for the pair of middleweights, and the Brazilian expects to finally meet the Cuban wrestler in his return to the Octagon.

"There’s no other opponent that makes sense except for Romero, so that’s a fight that might happen," Souza told the media during UFC 190 fight week in Brazil. "I’m just waiting for the UFC to announce it. People always ask me who’s going to be my next opponent, and I believe it’s Romero, but I’m waiting for the announcement."

Luke Rockhold, the last man to beat Souza in MMA, will get the next shot at middleweight champion Chris Weidman, and "Jacare" will be in shape to replace him if he gets injured.

"I will always be ready to become the champion," said the former Strikeforce 185-pound champion. "I work for the UFC, and some fighters like to do the matchmaker’s job. I’m a fighter. If the UFC sets a date with any opponent at 185 or 205 pounds, I will be ready to become the champion."

"I will be the next UFC champion, no doubt about it," he continued. "I’m training for this. I achieve every goal I had in my life, and it won’t be different with the UFC. Whoever steps in front of me will be taken down, and if I have to do one more fight before the belt I will fight, and I will win. I will get the submission or the knockout.

"Sooner or later I will be the title contender, no doubt. Things happen pretty fast in the UFC. I will only know if Rockhold will really fight Chris Weidman when he signs the contract or the UFC announces it, or I’m next."

LINK: ‘Jacare’ Souza expects Yoel Romero next, but would face anyone at 185 or 205: ‘I’ll be the UFC champion’ - MMA Fighting


Jan 28, 2015
Romero Knocks him out..
That would be crazy. Yoel is a monster his rise has been fun to watch that's for sure. I want to see this fight badly. Not many UFC fight intrigue me as of late but there are some that def get me excited. Not excited for Frankie vs Chad, Frankie should have the shot IMO. Ronda vs Holm not now but in like 3 more fights for her and seeing if she gets more comfortable then yes. Weidman rockhold yes, werdum Cain no, Frankie vs Andrei yes, Dodson no, Conor Aldo a little bit but not as much as before.


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Apr 24, 2015
The UFC is openly disinterested in Romero or Jacare as Champion.

That is why they are killing off one of them as a contender here.

You would think this fight is about further solidifying the next #1 contender spot, but it's not.