**3PM ET START** UFC on ESPN+ 28 Live Discussion - 3/14/20

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Bones Nose

Champion of Florida
Jun 13, 2016
Nice. Bring an air rifle with you and shoot all the brown basilisks and green iguanas.

One of those new accommodations or you going in a tent?
Nah my son wants to do it in a tent. I got a huge 6 person tent. We camp alot I might change plans and go canoeing in everglades national park at 10k islands. You can camp back in there

Bones Nose

Champion of Florida
Jun 13, 2016
Yeah better to do it before the summer heat hits, too.

You ever see any Burmese pythons out there?
This is how I know your from New Jersey. A true Florida boy disregards all heat. We do roll gi in the summer sun for 15 minute rolls. Sand grass or mat

Inside Job

Do Milk
First 100
Jan 17, 2015
Has it started? I missed the early start time.
moved it up so it is primetime midday event while no other events/sports are being aired live or even going down

U just missed two decisions...one of the female fighters is a smoke show so maybe check her out if you like dat stuff.


Gleaming My Cube
Oct 25, 2015
Bueno Silva may end up winning this fight with her power advantage but she needs to start having some form of defense besides walking forward if she plans on moving up the ladder.