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Tanaka Clan
Feb 16, 2015
Assistant coach in wrestling back in school was on my back trying to roll me over however he could. He was cross facing me hard over and over basicly smacke me with his forearms clubbing me up. He didnt like me laughing so he threw some wicked ones. The fat asshole broke my nose right in front of the head coach. "You wanna play games, this is what happens". I was told to rub some dirt on it. Nice huh?I went in the locker room and snapped it back together by myself. The team was pretty pissed at what happened. I had to wear this giant mask from like the 1950s to compete. I looked like a complete tool wearing that helmet thing. It fucked up my breathing for years till I got smashed good again. Let a doc set it and he straitened it out good and fixed my breathing.

regular john

Interim Champion
May 21, 2015
no big injury in muay thai training only big deal was a twisted knee playing soccer - I was inactive/depressed for 6-7 months...

when we spar hard I always get the bruised toes too I guess it's from throwing half assed teeps. but the worst injury I had training was when this muthafucka was holding the pads like a noobie and I hit his elbow with my foot on the end of a round kick. immediately a golf ball came out of my foot I was so happy when it healed within a week.

last friday this over agressive guy dropped a reckless noob with a spinning back kick to the gut though, it was ugly to see. the kid was backed up and leaned into the kick, ate the heel, hit into the wall and bounced back into the ground like a ragdoll. I think he got nervous and couldn't breath, he was making death noises...glad he was good a few days later.