Any BJJ and Muay Thai guys in here?

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BJ Penn Army

Active Member
Sep 19, 2015
So I train BJJ, but man my body feels like shit. Im thinking of jumping into Muay Thai, but for those that train both which one is tougher on your body?


Pulse On The Finger Of The Community
First 100
Jan 16, 2015
I can't imagine choosing.
Either your general pain is from blunt force trauma or it's from internal trauma.

I'd say become a democrat & get injured mentally doing gymnastics.

Outlaw Shit

First 100
Jan 17, 2015
Kickboxing can beat up the body pretty good.
I barely train anymore because I can't be that sore and still do my job.
Was easier when I was mid 30s, now I get sore for 3+ days if I go hard.

No idea about BJJ, I can't grapple much.