General Any of you guys followed this Johnny Depp court case?

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John Lee Pettimore

Further south than you
May 18, 2021
My ex used to respond with an announced punch, if she didn't like something I said.
"Oh, THAT'S a punch in the arm!"
And she'd try to put a solid shot on me.

I thought it was cute, and it was. Our friends thought so too.
Shit like that really illustrates the physical difference between the genders, eh. She can hit announce it and hit you as hard as she wants, and it's cute and funny.

Meanwhile, if I'm asleep on the couch and the missus tweaks my nose, I'll instinctively knock her halfway across the room without even waking up.



TMMAC Addict
Nov 14, 2019
I'm curious why you say that, I only have a dim understanding of what's been alleged and presented.

I also have just a cursory interest in this bollocks.

But she has audio recordings of him being a cunt when he said he was perfectly sober.

And a few pics too it seems.

He reminds me of me saying no. No way. I remember everything. Until 2 different people go no. You were a cunt. Difference is it would be winding some twat up.

I know I have never struck a woman. I'd know that. Not my bag.

No matter how pissed or fucked up I was I'd never lay hands on a woman. But then again I've never been seriously hit by a woman. But even then. I doubt I'd do that. I'd take the hit and question why she did that later. No matter how fucked. It's just not in my psyche.

My dad brought me up in his image. The idea of me physically hurting a woman is impossible unless it was stopping a woman Physically hurting another human being is just an anathema to me. And that's not happened.

Maybe I'm just in the wrong circles.
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Chris Rocked

last 100
Oct 17, 2015
glad to know my initial opinion of depp has always been right. fucking pussy piece of shit. amazing how hollywood can protect these pieces of shit.