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TMMAC's Most Handsome Admin
Dec 31, 2014
Less talk, more fighting.
I enjoy the showmanship and fighting but he is brutal when talking, like a less funny MVP.
That’s where I’ve been up til now on the guy. Some find his talk amusing. I find it cringe. Hoping he calms his tits now that he won the title.


"To elevate the mental is to be poor no more."
Dec 30, 2015
I like him. He's playing the game while still being himself.

Also though, he's from New Zealand, which is small as fuck. So small that apparently Israel Adesanya's sister once had a huge crush on my fiancées cousin. And another of her cousins knows a lot of the people he trains with.

It's pretty much like a big village in the corner of the world, so to see someone from a place like that kicking ass is bloody awesome imo

The Kurgan

Jan 30, 2015
The man can fight, respect where its due.

I don't like his style other than that, he always seems like hes full of shit, which is a strange vibe considering he is clearly legit.