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Shake 'em off
Dec 31, 2014

I have dumped IMGUR for our attachments.
I've picked up some space in the cloud (NEW YORK CITY?!?!?!?) and moved our images to that space.

This means instead of relying on and inserting, we now host the files in our cloud space, grab those images with our server, and spit them out into your browser.

You can currently upload png,gif,bmp,jpeg files. I am using compression to scale down your pics to save disk space. This part is ongoing. If you have an image quality problem, upload the original online and then here and send me both links so I can see. I am trying to find a sweet spot between compressed size and file size to maintain quality of images. I will continually be working on this piece over the next weeks or even months tweaking it.

I want to upload gifs.
You can do that from your computer or phone. My compression algorithms don't work great on gifs so you will be limited in uploading large ones.

I want to COPY IMAGE -> PASTE IMAGE from the web.
You can do this with some limitation regarding gifs (see next).
With this change I now allow the copy image/paste image that many use on desktop to initiate an upload and we will host the image. You can also paste from your local clipboard right into the editor.


When I copy and paste image on desktop on an animated gif and paste it, the image is still frame and not animated.
Truth. I cannot change that.
The copy and paste function is optimized to upload clipboard contents, not insert URLs. So the clipboard is just holding that frame. It will not be animated.


What if I want to put in the animated gif from the web?

1> You can download it and upload it.

That forces TMMAC to host it.

giphy (1).gif

2> You can drag and drop directly in the editor when on computer:


That will embed it directly from the original source

3> You can copy image URL and paste image URL in the INSERT IMAGE box in the editor menu


4> you can use the giphy menu above to find giphy images and insert them without ever leaving TMMAC. I see some users manually going to the giphy site and then copying and pasting the image address. We will auto embed those for you but that takes longer and more steps. You can also see many giphy images with that button and insert gifs without ever navigating away.

You can upload pics directly now for better functionality
There are size limits
I'm doing compression
We will adjust as always
Try it out
Enjoy the fights